Minhuk of MONSTA X, Naeun of APRIL, and Jaehyun of NCT to leave “Inkigayo” MC posts

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    SBS’s “Inkajayo” will be MC changing after one year.

    It was announced on 18 February that Minhook of Monta X, Nayan of APRIL and Jehyun of NCT would host their final episodes later this month.

    Jung Ik Seung, PD (producer director) of the music show, commented, “In the last 20 years, the longest-running MCs who live together until the end without partial change are Minhook, Nayan and Jehyun. The ups and downs. With as he started as MC when there were live broadcasts with the audience but not experiencing a switch for any audience after COVID-19, I am very grateful that he did for a year and four months Gave the audience positive energy for ‘Inkajayo. “

    He Continued, “I am particularly sad because Minhown was the No. 1 combination in my heart since the casting stage. However, we are saying goodbye to the three of them, when they achieved high status with their group with their career and personal activities, so I think the last year and four months remain unexpectedly great memories for all Will go “

    Minhook, Naeun, and Jaehyun became “Inkajayo” MC for the first time on October 20, 2019, and their final episode will air on February 28.

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