Ministers replace ‘hands, face, space’ slogan with ‘let’s keep life moving’ as Boris Johnson struggles to stop ‘pingdemic’ and spiking cases bringing the UK grinding to a halt 

  • Ministers Replace Messaging With ‘Hands Space Face’ Precautions To ‘Let’s Keep Moving Life’
  • The new slogan started when England lifted all Covid restrictions on Monday
  • Many are getting frustrated with mixed messages on ‘pings’ or notifications of COVID exposure via NHS apps that ask users to isolate
  • The UK is facing around 50,000 new Covid cases per day

Ministers plan to urge residents to ‘move on with life’ in their latest slogan, which this week marks the end of most COVID restrictions, fueling mixed messaging frustrations over self-quarantine requirements and spiking cases in the UK. add up.

The ‘Let’s Keep Life Moving’ logo, used in broadcast and print ads, replaces the ‘Hands Face Space’ slogan introduced in March, representing the earlier, more cautious easing of some restrictions.

But at the same time, COVID cases are approaching 50,000 per day, and hundreds of thousands each week are pinged by the NHS COVID app as being exposed to a new case and asked to isolate. Since the launch of ‘Pingdemic’, as it has become known, thousands of people have removed the app to avoid risking a message asking to stay at home.

Boris Johnson unveiled a new ‘Hands, Face, Space’ slogan in March for a looser lockdown and urged people to be ‘vigilant’.

Yesterday Downing Street slapped two ministers who said separation was optional if pinged by the app.

The trade minister, Paul Scully, said the public can make an ‘informed decision’ about whether to quarantine.

Meanwhile, Investment Minister Lord Gerry Grimstone reportedly insisted carmaker Nissan has no legal duty to exclude from app notification.

The sheer volume of self-isolation orders are causing massive disruptions to business and infrastructure, threatening to thwart the country’s fragile recovery.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Monday that a “very small number” of those working in critical industries such as health care and defence could be exempted from quarantine to go to work. But Downing Street said employers would have to apply for any quarantine exemptions.

Isolation is legally mandated only for those who are contacted by test and trace staff. But the Prime Minister’s Office said it was ‘important’ to isolate people, whether they were contacted through test and trace or the app. The office said businesses should ‘support employees to be isolated’.

Some have reported that the NHS app is highly sensitive, notifying neighbors to quarantine separated by house walls.

Only one in five Britons online have and are using the NHS COVID-19 app properly, and yet hundreds of thousands are asked to quarantine every week.

Only one in five Britons online have and are using the NHS COVID-19 app properly, and yet hundreds of thousands are asked to quarantine every week.

Number 10 rejected the idea of ​​reducing the sensitivity of the app saying that it is a result of ‘living with Covid and opening up when cases are high’.

When Health Minister Sajid Javid tested positive for Covid-19 over the weekend, Mr Johnson was forced to face a face-off after he and Finance Minister Rishi Sunak drew backlash after he was pinged by the app. But tried to avoid separation. The pair initially planned to use a pilot scheme that would have allowed them to continue working.

Conservative MP Richard Graham, Tweet From the third day of ‘pinged self-isolation’, there was a call for clarity on whether vaccinated persons need to be quarantined.

He said, ‘Media now reports that ministers say there is no legal requirement, self-isolation if advised.’ ‘The country needs clarity for all 2x doses.’ Earlier this month, the PM announced that people who were fully vaccinated by the app starting August 16 would not have to be isolated.

Charles Walker, who stepped down as deputy chairman of the Committee of Conservative backbenchers in 1922, said that if the government ‘pretends’ to ping the NHS, it means mandatory quarantine, the situation could get worse.

‘Law is law,’ he told the BBC. ‘You don’t want it to be what you want, it’s in the law that if you’re pinging it’s advice, if you’re being tested and detected it’s mandatory and that’s the law. ‘

‘The problem is if the government tries to pretend that it is inevitable.’

He added: ‘You’ll probably get millions more people shutting down the app and in a worse situation if you allowed people to make certain decisions. They don’t want to miss their summer vacation and the things they want to do with their family. This is the problem of the government.


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