Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison sat down for his first interview as Derek Chauvin was convicted of all charges earlier this week, and said he thinks the former Minneapolis police officer’s motive in Floyd’s death was due to his arrogance. Had to do with, according to a preview. Upcoming section.

Ellison spoke with CBS “60 Minutes” for an interview that was scheduled to air Sunday night and was asked why he felt Chauvin had arrested George Floyd on May 25, 2020. Had handled himself during.

“This is a question that we spent a lot of time asking ourselves,” Allison told Scott Pelley in a preview clip released on Thruday, “and all we can come up with is that we can be divine by their body language and their demeanor Are. And we saw. She was demanding that the crowd get up and he was staring at them properly. I am going to show you. “

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Fluid, a 46-year-old black man, died after Chauvin, who is white, held his knee against Floyd’s neck for about nine-and-a-half minutes – as if he was handcuffed on the sidewalk and lying face down and despite the bar – Screams that he cannot breathe.

Ellison told Pelé that he believed Floyd was treated as he “suffered from anxiety and claustrophobia.” He “He was cooperating with the police in every way until he tried to take her 6-foot corpse and enter the car in that tight spot,” Floyd said.

“And he’s kind of crazy on the outside,” Allison said referring to Floyd.

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He Floyd rejected the idea opposing attempts to arrest the officers, saying that Floyd was “not complying with it because he was giving an emotional response to getting into that car.”

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Allison then returned to the question surrounding Chauvin’s motive, which prosecutors did not need to prove.

Allison said, “What I saw is someone who has an ego before policing, ego before the discharge of a public belief in duty.”

On Tuesday, a jury convicted 45-year-old Chauvin of second-degree non-intentional murder, third-degree murder and second-degree murder. He He has been behind bars over his sentence for decades, scheduled for about eight weeks from today.

The jury was made up of seven women and five men. Six gamblers were identified as white, four as black and two as multinational.

It took them about 10 hours and 20 minutes to reach a decision.