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A squirrel in Minneapolis, Minnesota, disrupted a power transmission on Sunday, leaving about 9,500 people in the dark.

According to energy provider Xcel, the outage lasted for about an hour before crews were able to restore most of the power.


“What happened is that a squirrel came into contact with some of our equipment, causing a power outage,” Excel spokeswoman Lacey Nygaard told the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

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It is unclear what happened to the squirrel.

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According to the American Public Power Association, animals are the leading cause of power outages in America.

And the problem is even worse in areas where overheated transmission lines run between trees. The animals would accidentally cause a short while running along the lines, and electrocute themselves in the process.

FILE—The outage lasted about an hour before the crew was able to restore most of the power, according to energy provider Xcel.

Sunday’s cut in Minnesota was the most recent US blackout caused by a squirrel in recent days.

On Wednesday, 10,000 residents of Virginia Beach and two schools were struck by power after a squirrel rammed into a substation. The power went out for about 90 minutes.

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FILE - The American Public Power Association says animals are the leading cause of outages in the US

Dominion Energy spokeswoman Bonita Billingsley Harris told WVEC at the time, “The squirrels got between a circuit breaker and a transformer, causing a power surge that caused the transformer to fail.”,