Minor changes to the latest ‘League of Legends’ patch, no new skins

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    “No new skins this PBE cycle, catch y’all next time”

    League of Legends The latest patch 11.4, has been made available in the public beta environment, and the release date of Thursday 18 February has been confirmed.

    MOBA of Riot Games received a significant update with its 11.3 patch, which brought players to the Lunar Beast event, but the overall change to 11.4 is minimal.

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    Changes to 11.4, covered by league fan-site Surrender at 20 Are currently temporary. They stand for the game in PBE, but are liable to change before the official patch release.

    The Champion Changes for Katrina, Urgot and Vigo are the main meat of the patch so far, and are listed below.

    • Katrina

      Death Lotus (R)
      On-hit damage modifier increased from 25% to 25/30/35%
      Physical damage per dagger increased [15% bAD (1 + .666 Bonus Attack Speed)] To [16% bAD (1 + .8 Bonus Attack Speed)]

    • Forgot

      Purge (W) hit damage effectiveness increased from 50% to 75%

    • Wego

      Bladed King of King (Q)
      [New] Healing reduced to 100% vs minions

    Katyekhos, A QA for the skins on Riot has confirmed that this time there will be no skins for the champion, 11.4 inches away from the backs of fans making a “fake PBE preview” due to the absence of a preview.

    In other riot sports news, the company recently shared an update to its anti-cheat procedures Being valid To ensure that the “upside-down peak is brave, fair and legitimate.”

    The update has covered measures they have included in their plans to deal with the theater, as well as future changes, which may include “re-calibration”. [a players] After rating it may be affected by illegal players. “

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