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Larry Millett was arrested Tuesday for the alleged murder of his wife, Maya Millett, who went missing from their Chula Vista home more than nine months ago.

According to Billy Little, a lawyer working with Maya’s family, a SWAT team stormed the house at around 11:00 and officers from the Chula Vista Police Department secured the neighborhood. The FBI then set up a mobile command center just outside the family home.


Larry Millett was named a person of interest in the case in July, and a gun violence restraining order was placed against him in May, after police confiscated more than a dozen of his guns.

According to Little, he was withdrawing large sums of money from the bank in the days before his arrest, making it look like he was on the run.

“I hope the man burns in hell,” Little told Granthshala News.

Husband of missing California woman protests gun violence restraining order, claims he was ‘illegally’ detained

Maya warned friends and family in the months leading up to her disappearance, “If anything happens to me, it will be Larry,” Granthshala News reported exclusively in April.

Maya sought advice on divorce lawyers in a Facebook group for moms in her area on January 7, the same day she disappeared, and eventually made an appointment with a divorce attorney for the next week.

Maya’s older sister, Maricrice Drouillet, said Maya had been contemplating a divorce for most of 2020, but decided to do it the day she went missing.

“It’s been a build-up throughout the year,” she told Granthshala News in April. “I think she was ready in December, and then she finally decided to file a divorce that day.”

According to members of Maya’s family, Larry Millett’s behavior became increasingly precarious in the lead up to Maya’s disappearance.

California mom Maya Millett’s family with more visitation rights from husband for missing children

According to Little, in September 2020, he sent a photo of what appears to be an altar with blood splatters or an image of the couple surrounded by candles.

“He did some extreme s—-,” Maya’s brother-in-law Richard Drouillet previously told Granthshala News.

Larry Millett reportedly built this altar in September 2020.

Larry Millett told in the days after Maya’s disappearance KGTV-TV of San Diego That the couple has had their “ups and downs” over the past year and the night before Maya’s disappearance they get into an argument.

Millet has three young children who have been living with Larry since their mother’s disappearance. He has been in a legal battle with Maya’s family over children’s visitation rights.

“My wife May voluntarily abandoned me and our three children,” Larry Millett claimed in a court filing last month, obtained from cbs8. “We do not know his whereabouts. His disappearance is considered suspicious or criminal. I am not a suspect and there is no evidence of dishonesty,” the Chula Vista Police Department said.

The Chula Vista Police Department has issued 67 search warrants for “residences, vehicles, cellular and electronic devices, call detail records, financial records, social media and cloud data” throughout the investigation.

Maya’s family led searches on a weekly basis as the missing mother of three children went missing, most recently on Saturday and Sunday in Ocotillo Wells, San Diego County.

Billy Little, attorney for Maya Millett’s family, will join “Granthshala & Friends First” on Wednesday morning starting at 4 a.m. ET for her first on-camera interview since the break in the case.

Granthshala News Digital’s Jordan Early contributed to this report.