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. to Instagram account Gabby Petito, a 22-year-old woman reported missing on September 11, appeared temporarily down on Wednesday morning, before her reappearance.

Her account under the username “gabspetito,” which has more than 46,000 followers, reached a blank page early Wednesday before it reappeared and became visible to the public around 10 a.m. EDT.


Facebook, which owns Instagram, told Granthshala Business that it accidentally deleted the account temporarily and then reinstated it.

Police in North Port, Florida – where Petito and Laundry’s home were – said Wednesday’s Tweet Who are looking to delete account.

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The last photo of Petito, posted two weeks ago, showed him holding a crocheted pumpkin with the caption, “Happy Halloween.”

Gabby Pettito missing: Fiancee’s lawyer says searches underway at Grand Teton after returning to Florida

Petito’s mother, 22, reported her missing on September 11, but they last spoke in the last week of August, when she was traveling across the country with her fiancée, Brian Laundry. He was last seen in Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park.

Several local law enforcement offices and the FBI are involved in an ongoing investigation into Petito’s whereabouts.

Users have commented on many of Petito’s photos with messages of hope and well wishes.

One user commented, “I don’t know you, but I am praying that you are safe and secure.” “You remind me of my beautiful daughters and I can’t imagine how much pain your family is feeling.”

“Praying for your safe return!” Another commenter wrote

The laundry has been flooded with speculative comments on its public account, with users asking, “Where’s that?” Users also pointed out that the last photo of the laundry that Petito interacted with was posted on July 29.

Gabby Pettito’s family missing fiancée, laundry reveals where he last saw her

The couple were traveling cross-country in a Ford Transit van and were sharing pictures and videos on social media. On August 12, Petito posted photos taken in Arches National Park, just north of Moab.

Laundry has not been charged with a crime or of playing a role in Petito’s disappearance, but North Port Police have named him as a person of interest in the case.

returned to laundry Florida He and Petito were traveling in the van on September 1, police said on Wednesday. I am looking for Wyoming. The family of the missing woman says he refused to reveal where he had last seen her.

Richard Stafford, the attorney representing Petito’s mother Nicole Schmidt, said in a statement Wednesday that “the search for Gabby continues every day and the Schmidt and Petito family grows more desperate.” “They are looking for answers and information about their daughter’s disappearance while Brian is sitting comfortably in his home.”

Stafford continued: “Brian claims that he wants to sit in the background when we search for Gabby in the woods of Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. Brian sees Gabby sitting in the comfort of his home with grizzly bears and Left in the woods with the wolves.. In your house! Brian, how can you do that to Gabby? You selfishly keep quiet while Gabby is all alone in the woods. Brian, your silence is reprehensible! We right from you We ask you to help us get to work and get Gabby home.”

Granthshala News’ Michael Ruiz contributed to this report.