Moment rapist smirks in dating vid weeks before abducting & murdering 1st victim

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It’s the moment a smiling serial rapist lets his mask slip in a creepy dating video weeks before he murders his first victim.

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John Cannon, 67, scoffs at women’s “inflated egos” and “inner weakness” while filming a personal ad in September 1987.

John Cannon smiles in dating video weeks before murder of a newlywed

Exactly a month later, a serial predator kidnapped and murdered newlywed Shirley Banks in Bristol.


It was also filmed more than a year after Suzy Lamplaug’s disappearance—with Cannon named as the prime suspect in her murder.

Experts in the documentary Faking It have now revealed how Pand uncovered who he really was, despite being a lucrative businessman named John Peterson.

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Body language expert Dr. Cliff Lansley says: “She’s well presented, she’s well-groomed, and even employees who worked at a dating agency said, ‘She’s attractive. Yes, he has charisma’.

“It’s all a sham, because he’s even using a nickname.”

Kannan tells the interviewer that he is looking for a partner who is “pleasant, natural, relaxed” and who is “calm”.

He also claims that he wants to find love because he was in a “depressive period” after achieving all his financial and career goals.

But forensic psychologist Kerry Danes suggests that Kannan is trying too hard to project the fake personality.

She tells the show: “He’s overshooting it a little bit here.

“I see that has a lot to do with psychopathic personalities. When he takes it too far he doesn’t even know it.”

The arrogant rapist lists Gandhi and “philosophers like Bertrand Russell” among those he admires.

Kannan, who kidnapped and assaulted business women, also says he can never “blame” a potential partner for being career-oriented.

But as the dating interview continues, Kanan appears to struggle to answer basic questions as the mask begins to slip.

Experts say Kannan starts expressing contempt during interview

Experts say Kannan starts expressing contempt during interview

Dr Lansley says: “What we see is a subtle expression that is a combination of contempt and fear immediately following it.

“Contempt is a one-sided expression, it occurs on one side of the face.

“A corner of the lip to the center of the cheek will activate what we call the buccinator muscle in the cheek. And that cheek dimple action is a sign of contemptuous judgment.”

Just weeks after the dating video was made, Kannan attempts to kidnap a woman but she bravely manages to fight him.

Tragically, he succeeded the next day and snatched 29-year-old Shirley, a textile factory worker in Bristol, on 8 October 1987.

Her naked body was found six months after her disappearance at a site called “Dead Woman’s Ditch” in Somerset.

Shockingly, when he was convicted of killing Shirley in 1989, Kannan managed to reverse the whole life charge originally assigned to him.

Newlywed Shirley Banks was murdered by Kannan in 1987

Newlywed Shirley Banks was murdered by Kannan in 1987

He has since also tried to appeal to change the mandatory 35-year minimum sentence, but his plea has been rejected.

However, the minimum period expires in October next year – Kannan is now bidding for liberty with a parole board hearing.

The rapist, murderer and kidnapper were arrested in 2000 in connection with Suzy’s disappearance.

But the CPS decided there was not enough evidence to charge him – police later took the rare step of naming him as a prime suspect in 2002.

The estate agent disappeared in July 1986 after leaving to show a house to a client named Mr. Kiper in Fulham, West London.

Eight years after he was officially pronounced dead, his parents were dying tragically before they could find out what had happened to their daughter.

  • The brand new Faking It series airs Saturdays at 10 p.m. on Quest Red, or streams now on Discovery+.
  • Kannan was jailed for at least 35 years

    Kannan was jailed for at least 35 years
    He is the prime suspect in Suzy's disappearance

    He is the prime suspect in Suzy’s disappearance

    How Suzy Lamplaug’s prime suspect John Cannon with ‘wide eyes’ and ‘false anger’ unleashes ‘fear’ over possible involvement in her disappearance

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