Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte tests positive for Covid-19

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    The Republican governor will set aside 10 days according to his doctor’s instructions and public health guidance and plans to work from home, his office said in a statement released on Monday.

    According to the Governor’s Press Secretary Brooke Stroke, Montana’s first lady, Susan Jianfort, has also tested positive for Kovid-19. The first woman was detected on Tuesday after testing on the first day and showed no symptoms.

    The governor received his first shot of the Kovid-19 vaccine on Thursday, and – showing no symptoms – attended the Easter service at his church, Stroke said. He He said he wore a mask throughout the service and had no close contact with his family members.

    The governor’s staff was scheduled to test for the virus on Tuesday morning as a precaution and everyone with whom the governor has come in close contact has been informed.

    The American Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that building immunity after vaccination “usually takes a few weeks,” meaning that a person can test positive before the vaccine is kicked off. Vaccination prevents disease and disease severity.

    Gianfort has urged Montanans to get vaccinated and opened vaccines for residents 16 years and older on 1 April. In February, he expired the statewide facade mandate, but said local communities could continue enforcing the mandate.

    “Since we have not come out of the woods yet, I will continue wearing a mask, and I will encourage all Montanans to do the same,” the governor said during a February signing ceremony.

    Gianforte is the latest US governor after the Alaska government to test positive for Kovid-19. Mike dunlowie Tested out Positive for Kovid-19 in February. At least eight other governors, both Democrats and Republicans, tested positive for the virus last year after at least a dozen others had to quarantine after a possible exposure to Kovid-19.
    Last summer, Gianfort, who took office in January, attended an event with his girlfriend Kimberly Gilfoyle, Donald Trump Jr.’s girlfriend, in a self-quarantined and suspended publicity campaign for his genitals bid after his wife. Tested positive for coronovirus. .

    This story has been updated on Tuesday with additional development.


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