More than half £60k goal raised for doctor maimed by acid attack

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Crowdfunders have raised more than the £60,000 needed for a woman to treat serious injuries caused by her ex-boyfriend with sulfuric acid.

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Milad Rauf, 25, threw acid on his face as he opened the front door of his home in Brighton in May, leaving junior doctor Rim Alloui with “horrific life-changing” injuries.

The ex-boyfriend – who studied medicine with her at Cardiff University – is serving a 15-year sentence after pleading guilty to throwing acid with intent to cripple and mutilate.


Dr Alloui’s family said the NHS doctor has suffered skin grafts, eye operations and laser treatments for years to treat severe burns to his face, neck, eyes, chest and arm.

He is blind in his right eye and unable to close his eyes to sleep.

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Not all treatments are available on the NHS, and some will have to be paid for privately.

Launching the fundraiser, Dr Aaloui’s sister Aaliyah wrote: “Six months later, we have a clearer view of Rym’s current and future medical needs, so I’m opening a donation page again.

“Her injuries have become more severe than expected at the time, and unfortunately full treatment cannot be offered by the NHS alone.

“Rim has suffered serious injuries to his face, neck, chest and arms. She still cannot see with her right eye.

“Till now, he has had seven operations including skin grafts on his neck and chest and surgery on his eye.

“Her doctors have said she will need more in the coming months and years. All of this is estimated to cost over £60,000.

“This includes reconstruction of her neck, special laser therapy for the scar and surgical needles.

“I appreciate that this is a really huge amount, and I will be forever grateful for anything you can give to help.”

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With almost 1,000 people donating so far, the fundraiser has exceeded £35,000.

Aaliyah also said: “Rim’s modest savings, having been an NHS junior doctor for only 10 months after graduating, have run out.

“Our parents have been the only financial support and continue to cover their medical needs and household expenses.

“However, as a family, our funds are running low and we would really appreciate any help to give my sister back her life.”

In a statement read out on Rauf’s sentencing at Lewis Crown Court, Dr Alaoui said she “lives in pain and fear” for the well-being of her future.

She continued: “The psychological impact of this attack has been enormous on me, my family and loved ones.

“I cannot begin to imagine how or why someone would do such a terrible, pre-planned act. It is impossible to fathom, find peace with, or justify what was going through his mind.”

The Lewis Crown Court heard that Roof and Dr. Alaoui had dated for a few months at the university.

He broke up with her when they couldn’t see each other because of Covid, and then had to move to the city to take on a new job as a junior doctor at the Royal Sussex County Hospital.

Just weeks after she left, he attacked her by pouring sulfuric acid — at least 60 percent strength — into a sealed soup mug, knocking on her door and throwing acid in her face without a word. before escaping.

Roof disguised herself as a woman to carry out her twisted plan—wearing a padded bodysuit, face paint, and a black full-head face mask under her clothes.

In camera footage, Rauf is seen changing his clothes, disposing of them in various bins in Brighton city centre, before going to a store to buy a new jumper, jacket and backpack – which he kept while in the shop Was.

Then he went back to the store to buy sunglasses and a baseball cap.

Rough returns to the seaside to retrieve a mobile phone from a pair of jeans thrown in a bin, before boarding a train to London, before heading to Brighton train station, where his family is home. Came.

He was arrested at his home in Cardiff, where officers found a hand-written list titled ‘Apparel 1’ and listed several items, most of which matched descriptions of the equipment and clothing worn by the suspect at the time of the attack. Used to eat ,

Rauf’s hand-written catalog details the costumes and equipment used to attack Doctor Alloui.

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Rauf’s hand-written catalog details the costumes and equipment used to attack Doctor Alloui.

The officers also found a blue jacket that matched the description of the jacket purchased soon after the attack. A new backpack and baseball cap were also recovered in Cardiff.

In court, Judge Christine Ling, QC, told Roof: “You bought sulfuric acid, as a trainee doctor you would know far better than most people the disastrous consequences it would apply to the human body.”

She said that Rauf acted out of “simple jealousy and anger at being denied” before she was sentenced.

The fundraiser for Dr. Alloui’s treatment can be found at Here,


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