Mort Rick and Morty writers start work on season seven

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    Season five is still in the air

    Rick and morty Writer Alex Rubens has confirmed that work on season 7 has begun.

    Rubens teased this news in tongue-in-cheek Tweet, Writing: “Did I allow you to say that we started writing Rick and Morty season 7? (If we weren’t and I am not)”

    Responding to a fan who jokingly said “Rick dies of multifaceted cancer and after 3 episodes it’s just called death?”, Rubens said: “Jesus Christ, switch to DM, it’s a bad mess. Are. “

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    Season five Rick and morty Not yet aired, but last year producer and writer Scott Murder teased the content of the upcoming episode.

    “Epic canon is coming in season five,” Marder said. “Fans are, like, getting knocked out by Cannon, we’re going to get hit with them … Everything we’re doing is so terrible.”

    Co-producer Dan Harmon also said that work on season seven had begun. “I think we’re working on season seven right now, I can’t even track,” he said. “I wouldn’t know if I’m spoiling season five or season six.”

    Harmon previously described the show as “more on schedule” due to an already ongoing epidemic.

    He Added: “This way you have to focus on the whole process when you don’t have this office environment.

    “Everyone has to run this bee colony from afar, so honey only becomes more frequent. It is working for us. “

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