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A new multi-year, global survey of women’s health shows that most women are not getting routine tests or screenings for cancer and other dangerous diseases that kill millions of people each year.

2020 Inaugural Holologic Global Women’s Health Index Listed many diseases including heart disease, diabetes, cancer and sexually transmitted diseases.


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Average 33% women The 116 countries and territories surveyed said they had been tested for high blood pressure in the past 12 months.

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less than 19% It is reported that women were tested for diabetes in the past year, although it is the sixth leading cause of death for women.

Breast cancer is the eighth leading cause of death for women worldwide.

However, only 12% of women said they had been tested for any type of cancer in the past 12 months.

In about 40 countries, the numbers were in the single digits.

Although sexually transmitted diseases and infections are not the leading cause of death, they can increase the risk of cervical cancer for women.

Early epidemic prompted ‘sharp decline’ in breast and cervical cancer screening: CDC

Only 11% said they had been tested in the past year and less than one in 10 women in 56 countries and territories said they had.

While 88% of women said they believe checkups help improve people’s health, 40% have not seen a health care professional in the past 12 months.

About 1.5 billion women worldwide were not tested for any of the four most serious diseases in the past 12 months when asked in 2020. Holologic said on its website.

“Through this report, women are telling us what they need. We all need to listen. Then act together,” said Holologic CEO Stephen P. Macmillan wrote in a letter attached to the survey.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a massive impact on medical care and many people have turned away As soon as he asked for help.

According to the survey, the US does not rank in the top 10 for preventive care, ranking 11th behind Vietnam.

Overall, the US came in 26th place, behind Belgium and ahead of Vietnam.