Mum accused of ‘neglect’ by trolls for leaving new baby with gran overnight

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A MUM has hit back at the trolls who accused them of neglect to leave
Her five-week-old daughter with her rash.

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Zoe Wallace Has Thousands Of Followers On TikTok Where She Posts
Related video about her life as a busy mother raising two kids.

Zoe was targeted by brutal trolls onlinecredit: Main Media
Zoe was targeted online after posting about Parker's sleepover at her gran's house

Zoe was targeted online after posting about Parker’s sleepover at her gran’s housecredit: Main Media

But a recent video of him is rocking the social media platform.
Over seven million views and as a result Zoe was the victim of a torrent of abuse.


In it, Leigh, Wigan’s mother, talks about her daughter Parker.
Falling ill with RSV – or respiratory syncytial virus.

RSV is a viral disease that causes symptoms such as breathing problems and can lead to more severe bronchiolitis and pneumonia in young children.

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Zoe, 25, describes how Parker, now four months old, had to be moved from A&E to a high dependency unit, where she was put on a machine to breathe for her.

In the video Zoe explains: “I hadn’t held my baby for a week, but the doctors finally let me hold her.

“After a week in the hospital, they said I could finally bring my baby home. I’m so lucky he’s still here.”

The child was diagnosed with a severe chest infection but
Thankfully, with the help of antibiotics, he started recovering.

But brutal TikTok users accused the mother of neglect to make Parker spend the night away from her when she was five weeks old, even telling the mother-of-two that her daughter deserved to die.

Online trolls criticized Zoe for letting Parker sleep for the first time at her grandmother’s house, who lives just 10 minutes away by car.

“Jesus, five weeks and you’re already done with it?” Said one. “Poor
The kid isn’t going to grow up the best.”

“It’s neglect,” said another. “How can you do that to your newborn?”

Zoe has since hit back at the “hurtful comments”.

Zoe with her older brother Dominic, 3

Zoe with her older brother Dominic, 3credit: Main Media

She said: “I originally posted the video to share my daughter’s story with RSV.

“It made her so bad and I was unaware of how serious it could be

“I hadn’t heard of it until she was bad and I wanted to make other moms aware of the signs.

“I mentioned that she stayed with my mom the night before the fall
It’s sick to show how quickly he refused but it was not taken that way.

“People in the comments have branded me as a bad mother because of my
The decision to let my mother have my baby at night.”

She added that “it was very common for new mothers to seek support”.
any kind of family members,” in her opinion.

She explained: “I had no idea it would be so controversial online.”

torrent of troll abuse

But she added: “I don’t regret sharing my daughter’s story, because it could help save another child’s life.”

25-year-old, who also has a three-year-old son, Dominic
Partner David Hunt, 38, opens up about his worst abuse

She said: “The saddest thing is that I’m neglecting my kids, I’m a bad
parents, that my daughter deserves to die, because she will not have
bad parents.

“The main hate I found was along the lines of ‘How can you leave’
your baby’? It shocked me how encouraged it is as a new mom
Accept help from people you trust, as it can be overwhelming, but
As soon as you do it is seen as neglected.

“I think the video going viral has proved double standards
Mom, a lot of moms have to be shamed and I don’t think that’s fair.”

Zoe, who is on maternity leave from her job at McDonald’s, said she
more willing to accept help from her mother with Parker than she was
Reluctant to be with Dominic despite suffering from postpartum depression.

“Dave works in a warehouse and works 12 hour shifts so I’m on my own
a lot of time,” she said.

“My mother has always been very practical and involved. With Dominic I.”
struggled a lot and even though I had postpartum depression, I couldn’t
Check it out, and I will not accept offers of assistance.

“This time I thought that if people were willing to help, I would accept it.”
Zoe started posting videos on TikTok for the first time when the lockdown last started
year, and now has over 36k followers and 1.4m likes under him
TikTok Name ZoeWallaceYT.

She says that what happened will not stop her from doing what she loves.

She said: “Everything you put online is going to be criticized, but people don’t
It has to be bad about it when they give their opinion.”

Zoe with little Parker, who is much better now, and son Dominic

Zoe with little Parker, who is much better now, and son Dominiccredit: Main Media

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