Mum stages gory death to put ex in jail after he paid hitman to cut her throat

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A MUM staged her bloody death and sent realistic photos of her “corpse” to her ex-husband to capture, after she paid a hitman £13,000 to slit her throat.

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Alexander Krasavin was arrested in Russia after his former partner Nina took part in a “murder” organized by the police to make it appear that he was killed as he allegedly ordered.

A specialist makeup artist made it look like Nina’s throat was slitcredit: east2west
Alexander Krasavin was arrested after asking a hitman to kill his ex-wife

Alexander Krasavin was arrested after asking a hitman to kill his ex-wifecredit: east2west

When Nina, 46, was taken to the cinema make-up specialists, it appeared that her throat had been slit.


The trick worked, police said, after seeing photos of the “dead woman” and receiving an agreeable text message “You have a dentist appointment”, giving the work partner the balance of the fee that he claimed to be a murderer. was hired as

The police then stopped the 54-year-old’s car to handcuff him and take him into custody.

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Police say Krasavin, a taxi driver, allegedly took a loan from the bank with the intention of killing her ex-husband “so that he could raise their daughter” and not to pay her alimony.

His ex-wife Nina said that she was shocked by his alleged behavior, as if they were divorced, that she thought they had a good relationship raising their nine-year-old daughter.

“I can’t believe this is all possible – I still had feelings for him,” she admitted.

“And I’m not afraid I might die, but I’m afraid he planned it all.

“He saw my picture dead – and he accepted it? He assumed I was killed and thought – thank God?

“What about our daughter? How could he live with this load?”

Krasavin worked as a bus technician and part-time taxi driver in St Petersburg, and police say he asked a colleague to kill his ex-wife, and the man initially thought it was a joke. Was.

When Krasavin kept asking him, he went to the police, and a plan was made to fake the murder to implicate him.

The ex-husband allegedly took a £15,000 bank loan and paid £3,000 to his colleague for “expenses” to prepare for the murder, agreeing to pay a further £10,000 upon completion of the murder .

He kept another £2,000 for himself.

In the recording, Krasavin stated that he would work as a taxi driver on the day chosen for the murder – Monday this week – to provide an alibi.

Neena said that the police arrived at her house unannounced and forcefully took her to a make-up artist at the studio that made the film. He said that he could not believe what he was told about the planned murder.

He saw my picture as dead – and he accepted it? He assumed that I was killed and thought – thank God?


“I spent all day in the criminal investigation department thinking it was a joke,” she said.

The operation was so secret that Nina was barred from coming into contact with her children, including two children from her previous relationship, and they reported her disappearance to the police—which began the search.

“I didn’t believe in the reality of what was happening right now,” she said.

“I still want to see Sikandar and ask, is this all true?”

Nina “blames herself” because their relationship with her older children from a previous marriage was broken, she told the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda.

She denied his claims that he had problems spending time with his daughter after the split, saying that their relationship was good until it ended.

Nina said, “I have no animosity towards him.”

“I don’t know what it will be like for him in prison. It hurts me so much that he would be there.

“I cried when they showed me the video of me being detained.

“The fact that he was lying on the ground already hurt me.”

He said that he did not agree when she went to court for alimony to support her daughter.

He had switched from a bus driver to a technician at a lower salary to reduce his pay, she said.

time to kill

It comes as a boxing coach fakes his own death to put his wife in jail after hiring a $2,000 hitman to kill him.

When Ramon Sosa is confronted with evidence that Maria ‘Lulu’ Sosa had tried to pay a “hitman” for his murder – he collaborated with the FBI to implicate the woman to fake her death. Worked for the one he once loved.

Backed by the FBI, the Texas Rangers painted bloody makeup on Ramon, making it look like he had been shot through the head.

A ‘hitman’, who was actually an undercover officer, later met Maria in the parking lot and showed her the pictures.

Ramon said: “Lulu [was] Laughing when the undercover officer showed him the picture. She was daring to ask him if I was really dead or I was about to get up.”

Maria was later arrested and pleaded guilty to solicitation of murder in District Court in Conroe, Texas.

Then at the age of 42, he was jailed for 20 years in October 2016.

Nina's ex-husband took a £15,000 bank loan to pay off a hitman

Nina’s ex-husband took a £15,000 bank loan to pay off a hitmancredit: east2west
The 54-year-old was arrested by the police after a conspiracy

The 54-year-old was arrested by the police after a conspiracycredit: east2west

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