Muslim man probed for posing as US spy, Hasidic Jew to marry Brooklyn girl: report

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A Lebanese-born Muslim man was investigated by the FBI and Homeland Security for allegedly posing as a Hasidic Jew for marrying a Brooklyn girl – while being a US spy to protect his wild moves. was claimed.

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“Elijah” Havila, 23, recently married a woman identified as Sally in a lavish ceremony hosted by the bride’s family in Brooklyn’s Syrian Jewish community, According to Times of Israel,

The wedding ceremony included stretch limos and even helicopters – but none of the groom’s family, according to a video he provided to Israel’s state-run Cannes TV.


Within weeks, the bride’s suspicious father discovered Havila’s true identity — Ali Hassan Havila, a member of a Shia family from southern Lebanon, a stronghold of the terrorist group Hezbollah, the Times of Israel noted.

“His father started Googling my last name until he reached my father, who tells him stuff about me: ‘No, he’s not Jewish, he’s not this, he’s not like that. ”, Havila admitted in her interview with Cannes TV.

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Havila said he had already lied to his bride – whom he had met on a Jewish dating site – that he was a US spy for the National Security Agency, when he saw his true identity on the papers.

“I had to make something, so I told him, you know, it’s an NSA ID, that I’m on a mission, things like that. I just made something up,” he told the paper.

Ali Hassan “Elijah” Hawila recently married a woman identified as Sally in a lavish ceremony hosted by the bride’s family in Brooklyn.

In front of her new mother-in-law, she repeated the same lie and “started making up more stuff,” she told the TV station.

“I was panicking, and they took her away from me, they took her away from me,” she said, at times over her apparent heartbreak.

His trickery meant that the marriage was annulled immediately—and investigations by the FBI and Homeland Security revealed that he was infiltrating the Jewish community for nefarious reasons, he admitted.

“When the FBI agent came to my place, I said: ‘Sir, I allow you to spy on all my phone calls, I’m not affiliated with anyone,'” he told Cannes TV.

Reports said that there was no suggestion that the investigation found anything bad other than Hawilla’s confession of lying.

Ali Hassan Havila
Ali Hassan Hawila is actually a member of a Shia family from southern Lebanon.
can do

Instead, he insisted that it was the end result of a year’s fascination with the Jewish faith, adding that he even saw him as a young boy in Lebanon making his own kippa out of cardboard and cloth. Was.

“I had nothing to do with Islam … that’s who I am, that’s how I feel connected,” he insisted on his fake Jewish persona.

“I started coming out to the people, and saying, ‘I’m a Jew.’ People started spitting on me in the streets, I got death threats, people called me ‘Jew, Jewish dog’.

Havila’s family moved to Texas in September 2015, and she initially tried to formally convert, he said.

“When I was rejected, I just started saying I was Jewish,” he recalled.

Ali Hassan Havila and Sally's wedding.
Ali Hassan Havila is being investigated by the FBI and Homeland Security for infiltrating the Jewish community for nefarious reasons.

“My name is Elijah, and this is the name I chose for myself because I love the story of the prophet Elijah,” she said.

He was also a frequent attendee at the local Chabad synagogue and was active in pro-Jewish and pro-Israel organizations, he said.

Havila told Cannes that he was finally speaking because “I can no longer lie about anything.”

“My lie is not justified, but at the same time, I lied because I was in pain, but I want to correct my mistake. I want them to understand where my pain is coming from,” he said.

bride – who was it allegedly taken to a safe house During the investigation – has declined to be interviewed, the Times of Israel said.

Ali Hassan Havila and Sally.
Ali Hassan Hawila insisted that he had “no relation to Islam … [Judaism] That’s mine.”

Heartbroken Havila is hoping there is a way forward for the couple.

“If she wants to give me a second chance, she can give me a second chance,” he told Cannes TV.

“Even if she doesn’t want to, I can’t blame her. But I want her to know that she’s the love of my life,” he said.

Even if she did, the rules of her Orthodox community would forbid her to marry a convert, the newspaper noted.

Havila also wants another kind of second chance, saying, “I just want to convert and I want to live a Jewish life.”


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