Mustafa announced the debut record, ‘When Smoke Rises’. NME

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    The singer has also released the record’s third single ‘Ali’

    Singer-songwriter and poet Mustafa announced his first record, ‘When Smoke Rises’ later this year.

    The eight-track project will be released through its own label, Regent Park Songs, on May 28 in Toronto under the name of its neighborhood.

    Along with the announcement of ‘Jab Smokh Utaata’, Mustafa has also shared a new single ‘Ali’.

    The emotional folk-tinged track pays tribute to his friend who was shot and killed four years ago. It comes with a self-directed music video, which ends with a dedication to “Ali Rising 1998-2017”.

    Watch the music video for ‘Ali’ below:

    Speaking to GQ Middle East Back in February, Mustafa explained his physical reaction to listening to music recorded for ‘Jab Smoke Rises’.

    “I just didn’t know the depth of the emotional trauma.”I forgot how many times I gave you the amount to stay home. I forgot the time of my conversation with you and the way you smiled and how you were striving for your safety.He said, “If I ever really felt sad, I was surprised.” GQ.

    “I was literally thrown in the middle of the street when I heard it. I felt like I was experiencing a crime against myself. But completing this project was like the beginning of the rest of my life.”

    ‘Ali’ is the third single to be released from the project, taken from ‘Stay Alive’ and ‘Air Forces’, co-produced by Jamie xx and Frank Dukes. Last year, he also shared a live rendition of his track ‘Come Back’ in association with James Blake, which has not been formally released.

    Tracklist for Mustafa’s ‘Jab Smoke Rises’:

    1. ‘Stay Alive’
    2. ‘Air Force’
    3. ‘Different’
    4. ‘The Heart’
    5. ‘Boss (feat. Sampa)’
    6. ‘Ali’
    7. ‘What about heaven’
    8. ‘Come Back’

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