My son was found crying a mile from school after teachers didn’t see him leave

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A MUM reveals her horror after her four-year-old son leaves school alone – completely unaware of his teacher.

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Little Alfie was found just soaking in his pee kit and screaming for mom Katrina Deegan around a mile from school.

Little Alfie was discovered a mile from his school, screaming for his mother, Katrinacredit: SnapperSK
Alfie strayed from his school and went missing for over an hour

Alfie strayed from his school and went missing for over an hourcredit: SnapperSK
Little boy managed to leave school without seeing a teacher, says his mother

Little boy managed to leave school without seeing a teacher, says his mothercredit: SnapperSK

A concerned passerby called the police, who eventually managed to trace where Alfie had gone missing.


But surprisingly, St Richard’s Church of England First School in Evesham, Worx had no idea that the child had gone missing.

Katrina, 28, is now wondering how Alfie was able to walk out the front door and disappear for over an hour while her teacher was completely unaware.

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She told Online: “I’m terrified of what could have happened to Alfie, but I’m so glad someone found him.

“It’s terrible that when I dropped her off school in the morning I thought she was safe and in fact it was the opposite.

“It breaks my heart to think that he was screaming for me and I wasn’t there to help him.

“I had complete faith in the school and did not think for a moment that he would get wet near a main road and cry without wearing a coat.

“I don’t understand how you lose a child.”

Katrina, the mother-in-law of three, was at home and about to enjoy a cup of tea when she received a call from the headmaster of Alfie’s school.

She was horrified when he told her that an “incident” had happened and that the police had found the young man, who was bringing him home.

The head explained that he “didn’t know what had happened” but was in the “process of finding out”.

‘Crying on the Street’

Katrina said: “The police came and said they got a call from a member of the public who found Alfie crying in the street.

“Since he was in a PE kit instead of a uniform, he had to go from school to school to find where Alfie was missing.

“He’s too young for his age so he went to nursery before going to St. Richards.

“The school told him that they didn’t even know at first that he was missing.

“When I asked Alfie why he left, he said a teacher was bothering him and he wanted to go home.”

Katrina says that Alfie is back at school, but is worried that he will be able to get out again as there is no CCTV to stop him.

mother’s tears

She also reveals that her older brother, who has autism, is also concerned about Alfie’s safety.

Mother said: “She doesn’t even bear to think that anything could have happened.

“When I put her to bed that night, I cried at the back of the chair at her uniform, wondering what would have happened if I had seen her in it the last time I had left her that morning.

“I just want to know why this happened and how to prevent it from happening again.”

Mark Ridlinton, Principal of St Richard’s Coffee First School, said: “We are extremely sorry that a child went missing during school hours and we are extremely grateful for the support of West Murcia Police during this incident and the child is safe and well. was found from.

“We held a meeting with the parents to discuss the incident and we are currently reviewing our procedures and examining the circumstances surrounding the incident in detail.

“Once our investigation is over we will update all parents and initiate action without any delay on any issues identified. We have increased security on the front playground, and the front The playground is not in use during the entire school day while our investigations have been performed.

“We would like to apologize to the parent and child for this unacceptable incident and assure all parents that we take our responsibilities very seriously and that in our care, the safety of students is our top priority.”

Alfie tells his mother that a teacher is troubling him and he wants to go home

Alfie tells his mother that a teacher is troubling him and he wants to go homecredit: SnapperSK
Alfie leaves the front gate of St Richard's Church of England First School in Evesham

Alfie leaves the front gate of St Richard’s Church of England First School in Eveshamcredit: SnapperSK

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