Mysterious ‘Dark cube’ UFOs ‘seen near Area 51 in warning to the military’

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Mysterious “dark cubes” have been spotted floating in the skies over America, including at the infamous Area 51 facility.

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Most recently on Monday in Las Vegas, Nevada, an eyewitness insisted it was not a regular plane.

A black object is depicted in the sky over Nevadacredit: Scott C. Waring / UFO sightings daily
Another sight in New Jersey last month

Another sight in New Jersey last monthcredit: Scott C. Waring / UFO sightings daily

He said: “I don’t know what it was, but I know it’s not a plane or a helicopter. It wasn’t like any drone I’ve seen.”


Nevada is home to Area 51 where the US military is known to test top-secret aircraft.

But because of the secrecy surrounding the base, UFO enthusiasts believe the facility is used to house alien aircraft – despite zero evidence to support that claim.

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Conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring discusses a recent sighting on his site UFO Sightings Daily.

He said: “That guy caught a dark UFO walking around Nevada yesterday.

“The object was seen passing over Las Vegas, which is famous for its top-secret USAF base, Nellis Air Force Base.

“This Dark Cube UFO is something, isn’t it? Just so unlucky sitting there looking at everyone and everything.

“Also Area 51 isn’t very far away, so aliens are interested in what these hideouts are doing.”

Another “Black Cube” was sighted over Vineland, New Jersey on September 28, which even sparked the imagination of UFO hunters.

An eyewitness said the cube appeared during a “silent light storm”.

In December, a leaked Pentagon photo of the “Silver Cube” hovering over the Atlantic has sparked fear of ocean-dwelling aliens.

The Debrief reported that the Defense Department’s unnamed Aerial Phenomena Task Force released two classified intelligence “status reports,” one in 2018 and one last summer.

Three US officials who viewed the picture said the mysterious object was “cube-shaped” and made of silver.

When military pilots saw it, the object appeared to be “hovering” or motionless.

This photo of the Pentagon was leaked and published last year

This photo of the Pentagon was leaked and published last year

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