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Police inside Denver International Airport responded last month to reports of a naked woman walking through a crowd that seemed precarious and greeted onlookers.

“How are you? Where are you from?” According to a video obtained by Denver’s KCNC-TV, the woman can be heard asking. He was recorded walking to the terminal near Gate A-37 at around 5 am on 19 September.


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Airport Police said they had a “Drunk woman report completely nakedAccording to the station. They tried to cover her with a big blanket.

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A police report said, “Officers responded and traced the woman running around the crowd, who had some sort of medical problem.” “The paramedics were called a code 10 (which indicates an emergency response. An uncertain medical episode caused the woman to be taken by ambulance to the university hospital).”

While KCNC-TV obtained the video, the station says it is choosing not to broadcast it because of the medical problem officials believe the woman was experiencing.

No further information has been released.

In 2012, a similar incident happened at a Colorado airport when a woman allegedly took off all her clothes inside Concourse B.

“Most were shocked,” said one witness. Granthshala 31 Denver those days. “At first nobody noticed her as people were trying to get to their planes. Then, everyone realized she was standing there completely naked.”