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Granthshala Nation Nancy Grace, host and former Fulton County, Georgia, special prosecutor, offered her analysis on “America Reports” Tuesday’s announcement by Wyoming officials that the cause of death was for Gabrielle Petito — a Long Island woman who accompanied her through the Mountain West. Boyfriend was on a trip – was strangled to death

Teton County Coroner Brent Blue announced Tuesday that Petito’s remains had been decomposing in the woods for several weeks, but more specific details were prohibited from the public by Wyoming state law.


“I think it’s very important that we’re learning the cause of death, and the fact that it’s a stranglehold in my mind strikes Brian Laundry even more,” Grace said.

Laundry — officially a person of interest in the matter — hasn’t been seen since September 13, but a hiker in the Smokies matched his description near the desolate state-line exit of Interstate 40 between Tennessee and North Carolina. saw a person.

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The witness said the man told her he was trying to go to California to see his girlfriend, but strangely did not heed her advice to use I-40, which ends in Barstow.

Grace said other experts have predicted that Petito’s cause of death would be strangulation or blunt force trauma:

“It’s called ‘sweetheart murder,'” she said. “In other words, the perpetrator is closer and closer to the victim. And that’s what we often find in domestic murders.”

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“It is suggestive of a crime of utter passion. I had long suspected it would be either a strangulation or a prayer or a blunt force stroke in a fit of anger. But here we have Gabby in the woods alone with Brian Laundry . We know she was considering leaving him because a lot of people told her to reconsider the relationship.”

Grace stressed that when a woman is considering breaking up with her boyfriend, it can be the “statistically most dangerous time” for her.

“I’m really… relieved that they can even determine the cause of death due to Gabby Pettito’s possible dismemberment,” Grace concluded.