Here is a mission that pays out of this world.

If they could find a way to feed astronauts more efficiently in deep space, NASA would pay up to $ 500,000 worth of scientific food.

(NASA’s “Deep Space Food Challenge” iStock)

The “Deep Space Food Challenge,” In collaboration with the Canadian Space Agency and the Privy Council Office (PCO), there is a competition aimed at serving food technologies or systems “that require minimal input and are safe, nutritious and tasty for long-term space missions” Foods have to be maximized. ” according to a Description on its website.


Space agencies are trying to find a more feasible way to use technology to bring nutritious food into restricted spacecraft environments, but do not knock down spacecraft, or generate more waste. The competition specifically calls for creators to “find a variety of tasty, nutritious, and safe foods that require very little processing time for crew members,” which indicates that flavor is a There is also the factor.

The Deep Space Food Challenge website states that the technology should be designed to feed a crew of four astronauts over a period of three years. Scientists who want to conceive an idea have until 28 May to register. NASA will award $ 25,000 to up to 20 teams.

“NASA has the knowledge and capabilities in this field, but we know that technology and ideas exist outside the agency,” said Grace Douglas, NASA lead scientist for Advanced Food Technology at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. Told UPI.

“Raising awareness will help us reach people across a wide range of disciplines that can be the key to developing these new technologies,” he said.