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Think of them as deep-fried rays of sunshine.

The French bring their palate of delicious innovation to new heights on Saturday, August 6 – National Mustard Day – with eye-catching bright yellow mustard donuts.


Fluffy donuts are coated in a sweet mustard glaze of butter, sugar, vanilla and the French’s classic Yellow Mustard – to give the donuts their eye-popping color – as well as other ingredients.

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The bright yellow breakfast treat was developed in partnership with Dough Donuts, a collection of artsy New York City donut shops.

French’s Mustard Donuts are available for free on Saturdays at Dough Donut’s six New York City locations.

A limited number of boxes of Mustard-Glazed Donuts are available for national delivery on Saturdays by visiting

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“The French Mustard Donut re-imagines a classic glazed donut with a vibrant sweet and salty yellow mustard coating, which is topped with a yellow mustard cake icing,” reads a French release.

“French & Dough has created a bold, crave-able donut that combines the lovely flavor of French’s classic yellow mustard with Dough’s signature brioche recipe.”

The sweet mustard glaze on French's new donuts includes unsalted butter, sugar, vanilla, French's classic yellow mustard, and other ingredients.

“We’ve always been proud of ourselves [on] Making it taste unexpectedly delicious,” said Steve Klein, owner of Dough Donuts.

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“The iconic touch of French’s classic Yellow Mustard complements the donut’s sweet glaze and fluffy texture for the perfect bite.”

French and Dough Donuts of NYC have teamed up to offer Mustard Donuts for National Mustard Day on August 6, 2022.  Free mustard-glazed donuts are available by mail order at six Dough Donuts locations around the city or online nationwide.

Past National Mustard Day creations of the French have included mustard ice cream, mustard beer and mustard buns.

Jill Pratt, chief marketing officer for French parent McCormick & Co., said, “We are as committed as ever to showcasing new and exciting ways to enjoy this fan favorite condiment and are looking forward to reinventing breakfast this year. Can’t wait for that.”

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French was first introduced to the public at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis.

Dough Donuts was founded in 2010 in Brooklyn.