‘NBA 2K’ decided to lose the finals to this man on a 70-foot shot.

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    The most frustrating part of playing video games is not the mistakes you make as a player, but the game forces you to make glits and mistakes. You can live with a bad decision but when you do everything right and still end up on the wrong end of the result, that’s when the exitives (and sometimes the controllers) fly.

    This is why people get upset with glits To anger That sometimes makes the game invincible, and those who play the game for actual gameplay and not for story mode, begging for it which is an area of ​​focus for developers. A great example of this comes from Twitter user @LVD____, who posted a video of one of the most ridiculous moments of virtual game loot you’ve seen.

    Playing as the Sixers against the Jazz in Game 7 of the NBA Finals, he scores a go-forward bucket with Joel Embiid, who has some of the worst defense possible to play with thanks to the computer. Virtual Jazz have no timeouts left, so they have to go full-court inbound with 2.5 seconds of play and what comes after that is truly incredible.

    That’s why Jordan Clarkson is a good 70-plus feet from the rim and is cashing out a game-winning basket at the buzzer to win the NBA Finals. If the computer pulled it against me, I would get furious and never bring anyone to play sports video games. However, from the position of a neutral observer, it is really hilarious and I am happy for this video in my life. In the end, it was actually Jordan Clarkson’s time, and Jordan Clarkson waits for time.


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