NBA Trade Rumors: Milwaukee Bucks Compete with Lava Lakers for PJ Tucker’s Signature

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    PJ Tucker has been involved in various NBA trade rumors recently, especially because the Houston Rockets have not offered him a contract extension. Before the NBA trade deadline on March 25, Gritty Power is most likely to be dealt to another team.

    NBA Trade Rumors: Milwaukee Bucks Indicate Interest in PJ Tucker

    Houston Rockets v Portland Trail BlazersKevin o’connerThe Milwaukee Bucks have shown a serious stance to overtake PJ Tucker in favor of the Houston Rockets. Buck has long been a fan of the Phoenix Suns man and it seems unlikely that the wedding could happen very soon.

    PJ Tucker turned 36 in May and will be a free agent for this offseason, although it would be better for him to trade an NBA before the Milwaukee Bucks deadline. The Bucks have struggled in recent times, losing 5 of their last seven matches.

    Milwaukee Bucks v Utah Jazz

    He The 2020-21 NBA campaign has had a poor outing so far, averaging just 4.6 points and 4.7 rebounds per game. He Is going through a difficult period and a change of scenery could be of mutual interest to both him and the Milwaukee Bucks.

    However, NBA trade rumors suggest that the LA Lakers may also make a run at it. This development could spoil the Bucks’ chances of getting PJ Tucker, and to be honest, he is a player Mike Budenholzer really could use right now.

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    Published 23 February 2021 00:52 IST

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