NBA Trade Rumors: Should the LA Lakers Go All-In to Acquire PJ Tucker from the Houston Rockets?

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    According to recent NBA trade rumors, the LA Lakers had been on the hunt for a center for some time. The Front Office is targeting a larger land before the NBA trade deadline which comes into force on March 25. The latest player to be associated with the 17-time NBA champion Houston Rockets is PJ Tucker.

    In this article, we will analyze whether the Lakers should make a run at it.

    NBA Trade Rumors: Should LA Lakers Move For PA Tucker?

    Houston Rockets v Portland Trail Blazers

    PJ Tucker has one year and $ 7.9 million remaining on his current contract and most likely will have to get an extension with the LA Lakers. The problem is his age, as does the former Phoenix Suns man of 35 years. He One plays a demanding role, and making an extension that guarantees big money can be a risky move.

    Another obstacle could be the Houston Rockets seeking a player who is integral to the rotation. The name that immediately comes to mind is Kyle Kuzma, who has improved his game in recent times to become a gritty, defensive-minded role player. Frank Vogel sees Kuzma as an important piece and it is far less likely that he will trade with the LA Lakers for an aging player like PJ Tucker.

    Tallen Horton-Tucker also falls into that category theoretically as a young player who can now get minutes and be upside down on the road, but his contract will be in the way of trading him. Furthermore, the LA Lakers would not like to transfer a player with such ability.

    The LA Lakers are a win-now team, but seem upside down at this turn of the season to deal with a high potential asset like Kuzma or spend a good portion of their hat on PJ Tucker. The Lakers should continue to explore the market, as there is a high probability that Rob Pelinka and co. The NBA will be able to find more cost-effective and younger options before the trade deadline.

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    Published 22 February 2021 01:18 AM

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