NBA Trade Rumors: The 3 Teams Who Will Benefit Most By Adding Victor Oladipo To Their Roster

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    The Houston Rockets recently acquired Victor Oladipo from the Indian Pacers in a four-team NBA trade involving James Harden. NBA trade rumors have already sprung up around Oladipo’s future, with reports indicating that the Rockets are planning to move him.

    Many teams would be better off with Oladipo in their lineup, and here are three franchises that would benefit the most by adding to their roster of 28 years.

    NBA trade rumors: 3 teams that should make a move for Victor Oladipo

    Victor Oladipo has been a key player for the Houston Rockets this season, averaging 20 points, 5 rebounds and 4.6 assists per game. He Has taken the dual responsibility of scoring and playmaking, helping to fill the void left by James Harden’s move to the Houston Rockets.

    However, with NBA trade imminent, these are some of the destinations that will make the best use of the two-time All-Star.

    # 1 New York Knock

    New York Knicks v Portland Trail Blazers

    Enter Victor Oladipo – a 28-year-old shooting guard who made the All-NBA third team and played two All-Star Games. The former Indiana Pacers star defined a two-way player – something that no one in the league appreciates New York head coach, Tom Thibodo. Victor Oladipo is a multifaceted player who can help the Nucks in overcoming their offensive woes.

    # 2 Dallas Mavericks

    Phoenix Suns v Dallas Mavericks

    The Mavericks have longed for a player who could pay the opposition if Luca Doncic doubles, and Oladipo is the kind of player capable of it. The Mavericks consider themselves championship contenders, and adding Victor Oladipo will give a similar signal to the rest of the league.

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    # 3 Miami Heat

    Denver Nuggets v Miami Heat

    The Heat were paired with moves for Bradley Beal and Giannis Antetokonampo, but both stars pledged to their current teams. Another high-profile target, James Harden, joined the Brooklyn Nets.

    This leaves the three-time NBA champion with Victor Oladipo – an exciting, multidisciplinary player who fits in for the vision of head coach Eric Spoelstra.

    Featuring Jimmy Butler and Victor Oladipo, the backcourt has the potential to wreak havoc in the East and move the Heat deeper into the postseason.

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    Published 05 February 2021 01:41 AM

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