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NBC News political director Chuck Todd raids Capitol Hill against President Biden and the White House amid debate over bills that will cost Democrats two trillion dollars.

On “Sunday Today,” host Willie Geist listed President Biden’s stalled agenda in Congress asking Todd to list a voting bill and police reform as well as a bipartisan infrastructure bill and the huge social spending bill being pushed by progressive lawmakers. did. is it done?”


“President Biden will have to be more involved,” Todd responded. “The only one that has made any progress is the bipartisan infrastructure deal. Why did he make progress? Well, the White House drove the talks here.”

NBC’s Chuck Todd suggests blaming Trump for not putting ‘spotlight’ on ‘problems’ for media

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The “Meet the Press” moderator recalled seeing a report about the White House being “disappointed with Congress” and how “I’m going to sit here saying, ‘Okay, you guys can do something about it!

“At the end of the day, the power of the presidency is that you are the leader of the party and you are also a coordinating unit. Munchkin, get Sanders in a room!” Todd said, referring to the West Virginia and Vermont senators.

The MSNBC anchor then noted the dustup between Sanders and Manchin after the progressive lawmaker wrote an op-ed in a major West Virginia newspaper calling on his more liberal ally to cut the price tag of a $3.5 trillion spending bill. was pressurizing for, was telling the gist. We must go much further than this” The notion that it is no longer possible for Sanders to pursue such a proposal.

Todd said, “So the fact that we’re still at this place where we’re leading this publicly about something that isn’t reality—at the end of the day, I think the burden is on the White House.” is on.” “They have to take control of it. They have to get to the reality—the political eyes in Congress got bigger than their stomachs and I think it’s up to the White House to pull them back and they haven’t. Given and now, his will is deadlocked.”

“Yes,” agreed Geist. “And what we’re seeing is internal fighting between high-profile senators at the moment.”