‘Neo: The World Ends With You’ has a PC release date

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It won’t take long for fans to wait

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Neo: the world ends with you Officially coming to PC later this month via the Epic Games Store.

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Launching on September 28 on PC, neo Has already been out on Nintendo Switch and PS4 since July. In GranthshalaA four-star review of the game, Jordan Oloman said it was “the best JRPG I’ve ever played”.

“It evokes style from every pore,” he wrote, “and I can’t believe it’s real. Here we have a role-playing game about Shibuya youth culture, eccentrics with incredible fashion senses.” Children have a role.


“Instead of materia or spells, you collect pins that give you the power to unleash and master combat. Instead of armor, you shop for clothes and craft stat-boosting outfits from a variety of fashion subcultures. Ambitious. The plot is related to The Reapers Game, a life-or-death competition where teams of dead players battle monsters called ‘Shore’ in parallel Tokyo, known as the Underground, to escape their fate.

NEO: The world ends with you. credit: Square Enix

NS pre purchase page has already been on the Epic Game Store, where neo Costs £49.99.

Neo: the world ends with you There is a sequel to the similarly titled 2007 DS game. the world Ends With You. A port of the original was available on Switch, but the new game upgraded the Shibuya environment and character sprites significantly.

The original game used the DS’s dual-screen system, while neo Combines both on Switch and PC into something more manageable. Although the PC port was announced in July, this is the first time fans have got a definite date.


In other news, Sony confirms upgrade path and price Death Stranding Director’s Cut For those on PS5 who have death stranding on PS4.

Players who already own the game on PS4 won’t have to pay for the full game again, paying just £5 to upgrade their copy to the current generation. This a. was recommended in playstation blog post that to upgrade Death Stranding Director’s Cut It would cost $10, with no UK price given at the time.

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