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    Netflix has launched a new mobile feature that will automatically download TV and movie recommendations based on viewer history.

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    On Monday (February 22), a globally downloaded streaming service was announced for Android users, a new feature designed to download content in advance for a period without internet connectivity.

    Product innovation Patrick Fleming wrote in the Netflix blog, “Three years ago, we introduced smart downloads so you could find the sequel to your favorite show – even when you’re on the go.”

    “Now, we want to find your next new favorite series or movie quick and easy, whether you’re connected or not. Today we are launching downloads for you, a new feature that automatically downloads recommended shows or movies on your mobile device based on your taste. “

    Zendaya and John David Washington recently hit ‘Malcolm and Mary’ on Netflix. Credit: Netflix

    This feature comes on an opt-in basis, which can be turned on via the Downloads tab on mobile devices, in which users are able to determine how much space – 1 GB, 3 GB, or 5 GB – they Want to use. Techcrunch It also reports that although the full array of Netflix is ​​available with content, some downloads will be limited due to license restrictions.

    Last month (24 January), a new study found that US consumers are now spending an average of $ 47 (£ 34) per month on video subscription services, up 24% since the onset of the coronavirus virus.

    According to the JD Power survey, an increase in average spending of $ 34 in April 2020 – according to the latest data taken since December 2020 – has also seen 49% of viewers subscribing to four streaming services from 39% in April.

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