‘Never Been Kissed’ Star Michael Vartan Reveals Kissing Scene With Drew Barrymore Caused a Physical Reaction

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Drew Barrymore is back with the second season of her talk show, and she recently welcomed her fellow cast members never been Kissed. The film came out in April 1999 and starred David Arquette, Molly Shannon, Michael Varton, Jessica Alba and Leelee Sobieski. Arquette, Shannon and Vartan join him The Drew Barrymore Show for a mini cast reunion, and Verton shared a secret about filming that made him and Barrymore blush.

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Michael Vartan’s ‘Never Gone Kissed’ kiss with Drew Barrymore left her terrified

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When Josie and Sam Had Their “Happily After” Moments never been Kissed, it happened on the pitcher’s mound. Sam ran through the stands, ran to the field, and grabbed Josie tearfully for smooch. All eyes were on him, and everyone – in the stands and for the spectators to watch – jumped with joy.

Vartan told a shameful story about shooting that famous kissing scene, and how he pretended to have an injury to cut it short. Nobody knew about it.


“I get up to the mound, we hug, and we start kissing, and you really kissed me,” he said to Barrymore. “I wasn’t ready for it in the least. And I’m a man; I was a very young man then. And my feelings were — they just happened. I realized very quickly that I was in a very bad place because I let loose The slacks were wearing slack, and I thought, ‘It’ll be a disaster when they cut.'”

To avoid anyone noticing his excitement, he panicked, yawned and leaned over to signal his back hurt. After that he left the set. “I kept thinking terrible thoughts like dead puppies, dead puppies, dead fathers. Eventually, I was able to prepare myself, and luckily the subsequent scenes went on without a hitch,” he said.

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Barrymore’s playful reaction to hearing this for the first time is hilarious.

Vartan reprises his role as Sam Coulson, thanks to Barrymore

Vartan once shared that never been Kissed He had one of the biggest film roles early in his career. Back in 2017, they talked And! News About the audition and how Barrymore helped her get the part.

“It was one of my first big film auditions, and I had no notion or idea that I would get the job. Drew Barrymore – who is the film’s star and producer – worked hard for me and I got the job. Gone,” he said.

Before that movie, he had played in dead man curve, the myth of fingerprints, And To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar.

Some fans want Barrymore and Vartan to date now

after reunification The Drew Barrymore Show And the revelation of the spell, some fans would love to see the pair go out. Besides talking about the kissing scene, Vartan also shared a sweet story of how he kept a sheet gift from Barrymore. 22 years ago, she gave him a small plant, and now it is 15 feet tall. The audience cheered.

on the show instagram and a YouTube page, with fan comments writing like, “Drew and Michael should be together now! They’re so attached to each other after all these years real life” and “still a smattering of chemistry between them.” There’s a lot to bring to Never Been Kissed.”

Viewers can relive movie moments by streaming never been Kissed On Starz, Amazon, Redbox, or Apple TV.

Drew Barrymore never called Christian Bale back after their first date

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