Never text in public without using iPhone invisible ink hack to hide your chats

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Your iPhone has a clever feature you can use to hide your chats from public.

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If you’re on the train or at the office and you don’t want snoopers on your shoulder, this is a genius solution.

There’s an Invisible Ink Feature on the iPhonecredit: apple /
It's easy to use if you know where to look

It’s easy to use if you know where to lookcredit: apple /

It also doesn’t require any special apps—it’s a built-in Apple feature called Invisible Ink.


When you send an invisible ink message, it appears written on the screen.

You can only reveal a message by tapping and holding it.

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This means someone looking over your shoulder will only see blank messages, as shown in a recent viral TikTok Video,

It’s also a way to send funny surprises to friends.

Or you can even use it to talk about TV or movie spoilers in a group chat – without ruining the fun for everyone involved.

The bad news is that this feature only works on iMessage in Apple’s Messages app.

So you will not be able to use this feature inside WhatsApp.

How to Use Invisible Ink on iPhone

First, go into Messages and open an iMessage chat with anyone.

Then start typing a message as you normally would.

Instead of tapping the send button, hold it down with your finger.

This will bring up a hidden menu.

On the right, you’ll see a selector bar with several options.

You want to choose the one below: Invisible Ink.

Select it and then hit send.

When you tap on the message, it will appear – for a few seconds.

It will eventually fade again, and will need to be tapped again.

On longer messages, you’ll need to tap on different parts of the text to unlock the text.

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