Halifax – Due to COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in New Brunswick, the province is enforcing circuit breaker solution.

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The new restrictions will be in place for a minimum of 14 days in areas that are at highest risk.

Areas that will be affected are Zone 1 (Moncton area), as far north as and Sainte-Anne-de-Kent, north of Zone 3 in the upper St. John River valley and includes all of Florenceville-Bristol and Zone 4. (Edmondston area).


As part of the circuit breaker, people should limit their contacts to a single household.

This means that indoor and outdoor gatherings outside a household are not allowed, except in public places where proof of vaccination is required.

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Traveling in circuit breaker areas is also prohibited, except for reasons of work, health care services, post-secondary education or child care.

Schools will remain open, but sports and extra-curricular activities will be halted for ages 12 and under.

Businesses, entertainment centers and events may remain open and continue to accept those who provide proof of vaccination as well as children under the age of 12 who are accompanied by a vaccinated adult.

The restrictions will be effective from 6 pm on Friday for at least 14 days.

thanksgiving weekend ban

New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs says social gatherings of unvaccinated residents are driving the province’s current COVID-19 situation.

As a result, public health requires that everyone limit their contacts to a single household for outdoor and indoor gatherings during Thanksgiving weekend, from 6 p.m. Friday to 11:59 p.m. Monday.

“The area of ​​greatest concern right now is casual, at-home gatherings,” Higgs said.

Mandatory Vaccines for Provincial Workers

The government also announced on Tuesday that all government employees in Parts I (Civil Services), II (Education System), III (Health Care System) and IV (Crown Corporation), employees in long-term care facilities and staff and volunteers in schools and licensed early education and child care facilities must be fully immunized.

The deadline for providing proof of two doses is November 19, six weeks from Friday.

In the interim, those who are not fully vaccinated and come in contact with a positive case will be put on leave without pay.

Elementary education and childcare facilities that do not ensure their employees are fully vaccinated by November 19 will face the prospect of losing their licenses.

case data

The province is also reporting one COVID-19 related death and 90 new infections on Tuesday.

The most recent death is of a man in his 80s in the Edmonston area. This brings the total number of deaths related to COVID-19 in New Brunswick to 69.

The province currently has 782 active cases of COVID-19.

There are 50 people in the hospital, of whom 23 are in ICU.

“Most of the 82 percent of these hospital patients have not been vaccinated,” Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jennifer Russell said.

Of those hospitalized, seven have been vaccinated, two have had a single dose and 41 have not been vaccinated.

“The increasing number of Covid patients is affecting our system,” Russell said.

“We’re managing … but it’s really to the point where things are extremely, extremely stretched.”

case by region

The 45 new cases in Zone 1 (Moncton area) are as follows:

  • fifteen people 19 and under;

  • six people 20-29;

  • Nine people 30-39;

  • five people 40-49;

  • five people 50-59;

  • three people 60-69;

  • one person 70-79; And

  • A person 80-89.

Forty-two cases are under investigation and three are contacts of already confirmed cases.

The four new cases in Zone 2 (St John’s area) are as follows:

  • two people 40-49;

  • one person 50-59; And

  • A person 60-69.

Two cases are under investigation and two are contacts of an already confirmed case.

The 25 new cases in Zone 3 (Fredericton area) are as follows:

  • eight people 19 and under;

  • two people 20-29;

  • one person 30-39;

  • four people 40-49;

  • three people 50-59;

  • two people 60-69; And

  • five people 70-79

Eighteen cases are under investigation and seven are contacts of already confirmed cases.

The seven new cases in Zone 4 (Edmondston area) are as follows:

  • four people 19 and under;

  • one person 20-29; And

  • Two people 70-79.

Four cases are under investigation and three are contacts of already confirmed cases.

One new case in Zone 5 (Campbelton area) is of 50-59 persons. The matter is being investigated.

The five new cases in Zone 6 (Bathurst area) are as follows:

  • two people 19 and under;

  • one person 40-49;

  • one person 60-69; And

  • A person 70-79.

All five cases are being investigated.

The three new cases in Zone 7 (Miramichi area) are as follows:

  • a person 19 and under; And

  • Two people 30-39.

All three cases are being investigated.

vaccination update

Public Health is reporting that 80.7 percent of eligible New Brunswickers have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and 89.7 percent received their first dose of the vaccine.

rapid testing in schools

Schools are working with Public Health to develop a new rapid testing program.

From 12 October, unvaccinated students, who are identified as close contacts of a confirmed case, are required to undergo five rapid tests, based on the last possible exposure date for the confirmed case, with instructions. Or a 10-day supply will be provided. .

Tests may be sent home with students the next day or picked up by parents, depending on when a confirmed case is reported to the school.

Unvaccinated students will need to self-isolate for at least 24 hours after they take their first two rapid tests. Unless otherwise advised by public health, students will be able to return to school after registering two negative tests and if they have no symptoms.

Schools will also ask students who have been vaccinated to voluntarily provide proof of vaccination so that they can return to class as soon as possible, even if the case has been confirmed at a school.