Ottawa – Layla Goodridge, newly elected Conservative MP for Fort McMurray-Cold Lake, says it is extremely important for her to change the story around Canada’s oil and gas sector as she moves into her new role in Ottawa.

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Goodridge has called Fort McMurray home his entire life. His father’s family moved there in the 1970s to make a better life for themselves. Both his grandfather and father worked in the oil sands.

Goodridge also worked for mining giant Syncrude as a student through university and then for a North American construction group in health and safety for about five years after graduating.


“I love the innovation and ingenuity of Oil Sands. They have provided so much opportunity for my family and many others over the years,” she told

Goodridge says she has always had a keen interest in politics and has been a member of the Conservative Party since its inception.

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In 2018, he was elected as a United Conservative legislator in the Fort McMurray-Conklin riding. A year later, he won his second election, this time riding the newly formed Fort McMurray-Lac La Biche.

The Government of Alberta named the bilingual Goodridge as Parliamentary Secretary of the Francophonie, with the aim of ensuring the implementation of Alberta’s French policy.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney congratulated his former teammate on his appointment as the federal Conservative Fort McMurray-Cold Lake candidate, praising his dedication to the community.

“Laila is a true champion for her city and was a tireless advocate for her constituents as a legislator on issues such as health care, child care and economic development,” he wrote facebook on 15 august.

Goodridge says she looks forward to showing off her hometown to her new colleagues in Ottawa.

“As a newly elected Member of Parliament, I am excited to be able to show my hometown, the community I absolutely love, to politicians from all different political parties to clear up some misconceptions. for which are sometimes present around oil sands,” he said.

“As someone who grew up here, I live 10 minutes from the house where I grew up, which my dad bought from my grandparents. There are people who have their roots, it’s not just a boomtown, it’s a home town.”

Goodridge is one of 50 rookie lawmakers elected in the 2021 federal election. is profiling five to one from each party with a seat in the Commons in the lead up to the day of the first sitting of the 44th Parliament.

Winning on election night – he won his ride with 67.8 percent of the vote – wasn’t his only badge of honor during the campaign.

Goodridge gave birth to a baby boy named Ioghan in the middle of the campaign. This is her and her husband Niall’s first child together.

When asked how she managed to do it all, Goodridge replied: “Because I’m a first time mom, I don’t have much to compare it to, but you know it was fantastic. Credit to me Should give where credit is due, I have an exceptionally supportive spouse, wonderful family and friends, and truly the best campaign team one could ever ask for.”

She also gave credit to Conservative leader Erin O’Toole who made sure she was well supported through the process.

“It was her belief that a pregnant mother could be a candidate, which was really exciting, and her support for working families,” she said, adding that access to child care services was a major concern about which He had heard from voters knocking on the door. .

Goodridge says her outlook as a new mom has helped her prioritize the most important things in life and work.

“You have a finite amount of time as a person, and as a mother that time is split a little differently, and so it’s about making sure that everything I’m doing is my purpose and towards my goal,” she said.

Fellow Alberta-based Conservative MP Michelle Rampel Garner says Goodridge will be a “game changer” for the party.

“I was glad she ran for us. There aren’t enough women on the conservative side in the Alberta caucus and now we have a woman who has firsthand legislative experience, is dynamic, is a new mom, is bilingual. going to bring in a wealth of experience from a region that really needs a strong voice,” said the Calgary Nose Hill MP.

In a statement to, O’Toole said he is “very excited” to have Goodridge join the team.

“She will be a strong voice for the Conservative Party and its riders. I look forward to seeing the wonderful things she will achieve as a Member of Parliament,” he said.

O’Toole welcomed more than just Goodridge on her first official visit to Parliament Hill for the party’s October caucus meeting.

Rampel Garner says that being a new mom “sends a message to women that this is a path that is available to them, and is not only available to them, but is important to the senior halls of power in Canada.” I have those voices.”

“He’s a big pickup for our team.”