New Democratic ad campaign gives GOP to QOP

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    Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor goes on to explain how to deal with Greene, Georgia’s Qion devotee who presents an array of false conspiracy theories, with Democrats seizing on an incursion for an array of GOP lawmakers to incarnate him .

    The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee on Tuesday launched a $ 500,000 advertising campaign on television and tied up eight House Republicans, including California Representative Kevin McCarthy, Minority Leader, Ms. Green and Qion, to publicly confirm An attempt was made to force. Ms. Green.

    “Congressman Don Bacon,” introducing an ominous-sounding tone targeting the Nebraska Republican, said, “He stood with the cue, not you.”

    The strategy is similar to the one Republicans employed against Democrats last summer during protests over racial injustice, when they sought to portray all Democrats, including President Diden, to discredit the police, who repeatedly said they did not favor it took.

    In releasing QAnon-focused ads this week, Democrats are attacking a raw nerve in the Republican Party. Ms. Green’s radical declarations – she indicated support for executing Democratic politicians several years ago – have worried Republicans as well as Democrats. On Monday, Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, a minority leader, said the “hate lies and conspiracy theories” eclipsed by Ms. Green amounted to a “cancer” on the party.

    Like the Republican ads that swept over the floodwaters last year showing pathetic images of Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Democratic ads include Ms. Greene of Colorado and Representative Lauren Boebert, who also expressed support for QAnon, As much as they are attacking the candidates. .

    The plot of the ad says “QAnon, a doctrine born online, took over the Republican Party,” while images of Ms. Green and Ms. Boebert flashed across the screen. “Followers for Congress and, along with Donald Trump, provoked a mob that attacked the Capitol and killed a policeman.”

    QAnon is a diffuse Internet conspiracy theory, falsely alleging that the world is run by a cobble of devil-worshiping pedophiles that former President Donald J. Are conspiring against Trump.

    Democrats in Washington have adopted Ms. Green as a symbol of the Trump Republican Party, which aims to elevate her profile as part of an effort to split the GOP, while allowing Republicans to remain in House committees Trying to force them to vote for. . On Saturday, the press office of Speaker Nancy Pelosi released a news under the headline “Minority Leader McCarthy (̶G (O̶P̶) ancy (QAnon) Marjorie hugs Taylor Green. “

    Ms. Greene has used fracas to raise funds and to emphasize her connection with Mr. Trump, essentially daring Mr. McCarthy to risk alienating Mr. Trump and the party’s base voters among his Embraces conspiracy theories. Two days after Mr. McCarthy met Ms. Green with Mr. Trump in Florida on Saturday Tweeted that he also spoke with the former president And he was offered encouragement.

    Mr. McCarthy is scheduled to meet with Ms. Green later this week, caught between Mr. Trump’s support of her and Mr. McConnell’s condemnation.

    The new Democratic ads do not differentiate between Republicans, who voted to reverse the results of the Electoral College and those that did not. Of the eight Republics targeted, only Mr. McCarthy and California Representative Mike Garcia and Beth Van Dunne of Texas objected to Mr. Biden’s victory. Separate advertisements also targeted Mr. Bacon and Representative Maria Elvira Salzar of Florida, Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania and Young Kim and Michelle Steele of California.

    Each trump voted against impeachment on Mr. Trump.

    New York Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, said, “Washington Republicans have made their choice – they chose the deadly Q-Anon mob to take on their party in the den.” “His actions have made one thing clear – no American will be safe from the mob of QAnon if Washington Republicans are in power.”

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