New details from ‘Stellaris’ aquatic species DLC revealed

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Stellaris ‘Adding Loads of New Species’

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sci-fi strategy game Stellaris Thanks to the upcoming Aquatics Species DLC, it’s getting a whole load of new species.

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Paradox Interactive reveals new details from the Aquatics DLC – an upcoming Stellaris Update that adds ocean-dwellers and water-themed ships. There’s even a new trailer.

“Embrace the life of a seafaring civilization,” reads the video description. “Sail the vast expanses of the galaxy with the most immersive pack ever from Stellaris: Aquatics Species Pack!”


A mysterious voice says in the trailer, “As the tide descends and flows, so may life emerge anew.” “If you have the intelligence to see.”

The most important addition is the Dolphinoid genus – an aquatic-based civilization resembling humanoid dolphins.

“Dolphinoids have finally been added to the sport, and the future looks brighter than ever,” said sports director Daniel Moregaard. developer diary. “Dolphinoids have been used in narrative examples during design meetings for many years, even before the release of Stellaris in 2016, so I’m particularly pleased to see them finally become reality.”

The upcoming DLC ​​will include 16 new illustrations, a new set of water-themed ships (likely seen in the trailer), two new originals, a new civilian, aquatic species feature, and a new Ascension perk.

Interestingly, one of the new origins is “Here Be Dragons” – granting his empire a unique connection to an ethereal Drake guardian. It will also protect your home world, as long as you keep it happy.


Primarily, the DLC will focus on the Dolphinoids and improving their empire with originals like Ocean Paradise, which allows you to start on a planet 30 full of resources.

“When combined with the Aquatics Species Trait and Hydrocentric Ascension perks, Ocean Paradise Native offers significant advantages for an aquatic species to begin with,” Moragard said.

Meanwhile, Hearts of Iron IV DLC No Step Back is coming next month, which includes new features and improvements to the Soviet Union.

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