When the two brothers from New Jersey were ejected from a United Airlines flight last month, it was not because they did not want to wear masks.

Indeed, Rob and William Joseph from Mahwah, New Jersey wanted additional coverage on their January 23 flight from Newark International Airport to Florida.

This is why he bought Narwal masks, airtight face shield inhales and exhale filtration systems that were inspired by the scuba mask.

However, when they tried to board their plane on the Narwal mask, the brothers asked them to take off – as they did not follow the airline’s policy – and wear surgical masks instead. NorthJersey.com.

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When he refused, he was forced out of the flight.

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Rob told Northjours.com, “It doesn’t meet the criteria image of paper and cloth masks that everyone has seen a million times,”: if I’m trying more for my own safety and my own convenience Yes, then protect your newborn at home and my family is at risk – that is my right. “

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United Airlines spokesman Charles Hobart told Granthshala News that the Narwal mask did not align with the company’s existing mask policy.

United Airlines has not allowed Narwal mask on safety concerns in cases of emergency, a spokesperson told Granthshala News.  (IStock)

United Airlines has not allowed Narwal mask on safety concerns in cases of emergency, a spokesperson told Granthshala News. (IStock)

“We had some concerns that a façade-like appearance could create some obstacles in many possible emergency scenarios that could actually board an aircraft,” Hobart said.

He It reported that, in particular, the part of the mask covering the wearer’s entire mouth and nose makes it challenging for the wearer to speak clearly – which can make communication more challenging in a potential emergency situation during a flight.

Hobart said that of other masks such as surgical masks, Hobart said there was no point in simply allowing such masks when he said of other masks, such as surgical masks, that he had to send Rob and William to Florida The flight was offered.

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Eventually, the brothers began wearing more traditional masks, according to Northjours.com.

Although they missed their first flight, seven hours later, Rob and William took the next joint flight to Florida, wearing both clothing and surgical masks for extra protection.

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The brothers were not banned from United, Hobart told Granthshala News. However, Rob told Northjours.com that he had rebooked his return flight home with a different airline, after checking that the Nerval mask would be allowed on the flight.

Granthshala News has reached out to Rob for comment. William could not be reached for comment.