New Nectar scheme claims to save shoppers £200 a year We compare six supermarket discount deals to see which gives the best offers

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  • New discount scheme says it will give customers 30% off on certain products
  • Buyers should use self scanner to reach them
  • We take a look at other supermarket loyalty plans available

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Sainsbury’s is joining the bargaining battle as it will now offer Digital Nectar customers discounts on their most frequent purchases.

My Nectar Prices says it will give shoppers up to 30 percent off select products weekly and a typical customer could save more than £200 per year through the scheme, according to the supermarket giant.


It’s hoped the new discount scheme, which launched Wednesday, could rival Tesco’s popular and revamped Clubcard format, which offers discounts on certain products around the store if you have its loyalty card.

However, Nectar customers must have a smartphone to use the My Nectar Price app and check out in-store through Sainsbury’s SmartShop self-scanning service to access deals.

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New discount scheme: Buyers will get up to 30% off on select products with My Nectar Prices

While this will be convenient for some, it may deter others from receiving the discount.

To find out which one offers the best savings, This Money takes a look at popular supermarket discount plans to see how they compare.

Prices of My Nectar

Starting this week, Nectar customers will have access to special discount prices for Sainsbury’s products they regularly purchase through the digital Nectar app.

Through Sainsbury’s self-scanning service, SmartShop, shoppers will be able to view their personalized My Nectar price discounts and redeem them in-store.

The discount is based on the buying habits of the consumers, which means that already existing Digital Nectar customers will be given up to 30 percent off on their tailored products.

Customers can use their personal discount on multiple purchases within the verification period, which ranges from a week to a few months, depending on the offer.

According to Nectar, taking full advantage of the app My Nectar prices can save a weekly Sainsbury’s shopper upwards of £200 per year.

However, those who do not have a smartphone or a nearby store with access to the self-scanning service will not be able to take advantage of the deals.

Rob Burgess, editor of loyalty points site, said: ‘If the reports are accurate, and you need to use SmartShop, I think it doesn’t make sense.

‘Smartshop just isn’t a must-have for most shoppers who have enough in their minds to scan items while shopping without the hassle of messing around.

‘As far as I know, no supermarket chain has managed to make a scan successful, either via their phone or with a handheld scanner – people don’t want it.’

Sainsbury’s now has eight million customers registered with the Nectar digital app, with chief executive Simon Roberts aiming for 10 million by the end of next year.

It is expected that My Nectar Points will offer regular customers discounts on their most purchased items

It is expected that My Nectar Points will offer regular customers discounts on their most purchased items

Tesco Clubcard

Tesco revamped its Clubcard model last year when it introduced lower prices for cardholders and it has a catchy ad using the early 1990s hit song You’ve Got the Power by Snap!

Members can get money off some discounted items in store and online, with products changed weekly.

Customers can either scan their Clubcard on the app or tap on their physical card or fob at checkout.

In addition to reduced prices, consumers will also collect one point for every £1 they spend in store and online. On fuel, it’s one point for every £2 they spend.

These points are converted into vouchers, with 150 points earning customers a £1.50 voucher.

Vouchers can be spent in stores, online or on a range of different activities or at different locations such as restaurants, cinemas or experience days.

Clubcard Plus was also introduced by Tesco in 2019.

This costs consumers £7.99 per month, but in return they’ll get 10 percent off their groceries twice a month, plus 10 percent off clothing brand, F&F all the time.

Burgess said: ‘The Tesco Clubcard still remains the big beast, with Clubcard deals offering three times the face value redemption extremely popular.

The plan has hit its peak with cash discounts instead of bonus points, which Tesco is now enjoying, but customers seem to be happy with some free Pizza Express meals or similar points every quarter .’

Tesco revamped its Clubcard model last year when it introduced lower prices for cardholders

Tesco revamped its Clubcard model last year when it introduced lower prices for cardholders

mai morrison

Mae Morrison replaced the Morrison More scheme in May this year and is no longer a points-based programme.

Instead, it is now an app-based discount scheme that offers customers personalized discounts based on their recently purchased items.

Customers will still be able to scan their old Physical More card at checkout, but they will need to use the My Morrison app on their mobile phone or create an online account to participate in the promotion.

For those who don’t have a smartphone, Morrisons will send an email with the weekly offer where users can log into their online account and activate the offer loaded directly into their card.

Meanwhile, those who do not have internet access can still be a part of the loyalty scheme through coupons.

Lidl Plus

The Budget Chain Rewards app gives customers savings with new coupons released every Thursday, as well as special discounts and rewards.

Every week customers can download coupons on the app which will give them 15 to 20 per cent discount on food items in store.

Customers who spend £200 in store in a month will also receive a £10 coupon.

Other features include Lidl’s ‘Spin of Surprise’ where consumers can virtually spin a wheel and potentially win £20.

Another advantage is that it offers digital receipts, which show customers how much they’ve spent in store and…


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