New video casts doubt on viral story woman rear-ended Lamborghini and blamed driver

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A Florida woman who was ridiculed on social media this week for allegedly rearranging a Lamborghini and then blaming the driver has posted two new videos that so far turn belief.

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The first video, which was initially posted on TikTok and Instagram by the driver of Lamborghini Matthew Heller on Monday, showed Maddie Gilsoul yelling at her for hitting her car.

“You hit my car, you did that in front of my f***ing car,” she said, while Mr. Heller laughed. “What’s it like to laugh?” The woman asked in the video. “That’s my new f***ing car,” he yelled.


Mr. Heller laughed and said: “Usually when you leave people behind, it doesn’t work. But now you’re saying I hit you from behind?”

“No!” Ms Gilsoul said. “You hit me in front of it, remember? When I was at a red light? You went in front of me and hit my car.”

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Mr Heller said he would call the police. Her video also featured security footage where her white Lamborghini can be seen stopping at a petrol station while Ms Gilsoul’s Audi hits it from behind.

The video has garnered over 100,000 views on Instagram and is shared on Reddit’s . built in public freakout Sub, which has 3.6 million viewers. Thousands claimed that Ms Gilsoul was only trying to shift the blame.

However, after two days of public ridicule, Ms Gilsoul posted two videos on her TikTok account on Wednesday. These support his claim that Mr. Heller’s car was the first to hit his Audi.

The first video showed another security camera footage of a white Lamborghini. Voiceover identified the driver as Matt Heller and said that he “drifted into oncoming traffic at a red light because I didn’t turn left at a yellow one”. It added that Mr Heller “nearly killed one person” and that his “lawyers would serve him with slander.”

Notably, in a video posted by Mr Heller on Monday, Ms Gilsoul said her car nearly hit a cyclist and then hit him at a traffic light.

A second video that Ms Gisol shared recently showed pictures of her Audi, while voiceover says Mr Heller “hit me in the front” and he “side-swiped when I was at a red light”.

“Looks like he didn’t want to share the whole story,” the video added.

The video posted by Ms Gilsoul has been liked by over 50,000 people so far.

Credit: / Lamborghini

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