New video shows Capitol rioter frothing at the mouth

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A recently released video shows an accused foaming at the January 6 Capitol riot suspect angrily as he calls officers protecting Congress “cowards.”

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In a police body camera clip, Joseph Lino Padilla, a former National Guard from Tennessee, can be seen in a scuba mask as he hurls insults at Metropolitan Police Department officers at barricades outside the Capitol Steps.

“You’re defending a machine that doesn’t even care about you,” says Mr. Padilla. “But if you let us in there, that machine will go away, and we’ll protect you. You’re a moral coward. You’re a moral coward. You know what you’re doing is wrong.”


In the pictures, he is seen crying and foaming from his mouth.

He was arrested earlier this year on six Capitol riot-related charges, including assaulting law enforcement officers with a dangerous or lethal weapon. Video evidence uncovered by prosecutors purportedly shows Mr Padilla throwing a flag at police.

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According to court documents, Mr Padilla, a stay-at-home father, allegedly fueled the months leading up to the January 6 riots with alt-right views and a “que-anone mentality”.

The social media video purportedly showed him to fellow rioters “Push! F***ing push!” against barricades around the Capitol. Later, he was reportedly filmed throwing a flag pole at police officers and using a giant metal trump sign as a “batsman ram” Was.

According to prosecutors, after the rebellion ended, Mr Padilla reportedly posted about his adventures on Facebook and a Donald Trump message board.

“There I was,” he reportedly wrote in a post. “I have the wounds to prove it. I pushed the rail, I pushed the stairs, and then pushed the door. I was beaten unconscious twice, sprayed more times than I cared to count had received attacks from batons that should have been fatal (many temple and carotid attacks), except that God was on my side.”

Eventually, an anonymous tipster alerted the FBI to videos of the riots that allegedly captured Mr Padilla, and he was arrested in February.

The 40-year-old from Cleveland, Tennessee, was honorably discharged from the Tennessee National Guard in 2012.

Prosecutors have argued that his military service makes his alleged crimes even more serious because he knew what happened on January 6 was completely unacceptable. said earlier this year, adding, “He had earlier taken an oath to defend the country from all enemies foreign and domestic.

He was denied pretrial release in May.

Federal Judge John D. Bates said, “This court has been hard-pressed to believe that its orders will prevent future acts of violence by Padilla when he was adamant – and appears to have been – on January 6th.” Was excited by what he said.” wrote in his judgment.

Granthshala We have reached out to Mr Padilla’s lawyer for comment.


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