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“We are grateful to Republicans,” said New York Times editorial board member Michelle Cottle.

“It’s been a rough year for fans of American democracy. The Capitol’s dismissal on January 6th set the tone. Former President Donald Trump’s stranglehold on the Republican Party continues to fuel its most unchanging impulses and elements. More than two-thirds buy into Republicans’ lies that the 2020 election was stolen,” Cottle began his piece on Wednesday.


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“Many party leaders who know better are playing along … but there are exceptions, select Republicans who put the public ahead of partisan and personal interests – some more dramatically than others. That these people are saints, or even consistent with their convictions. But these days, even a glimpse of responsible, pro-democracy behavior amidst the maya of Trumpism deserves a shout out. So in the spirit of the season, let’s go. We give thanks for these rare Republican pockets of character and duty,” Cottle wrote.

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At the top of Cottle’s list is Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Y., who praised her for her outspokenness against President Trump and her leading role on the Jan.

“Ms. Cheney’s vote to impeach Mr. Trump (in his second round), his service on the January 6 select committee, his constant drumbeat of warnings about Mr. Trump’s threat to the country – these should not be partisan issues. , but in today’s GOP they completely set him apart from the sneezing bunch,” Cottle wrote.

Ranked at No. 2 was Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., the outgoing legislator who, Cottle noted, was denounced by members of his own family for being an anti-Trump figure.

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The Times editorial author approved of “impeachment supporters” in both the House and Senate, saying that they “upheld the Constitution and put the country above the party, so naturally targeting them for return by the former president and his toddy”. Has gone.”

Cottle then thanked GOP lawmakers who helped pass the “badly needed” infrastructure bill, “putting constituent interests ahead of his party’s desire to deny Democrats a legislative achievement.”

He wrote to Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and Elections Officer Gabriel Sterling to defend his state’s 2020 election results, shouting “Were it not for them [their] The backbone… America could have been plunged into an all-out constitutional crisis.”

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Cottle similarly called Republican Al Schmidt of the City Commission of Philadelphia for disputed claims of election fraud, GOP officials in Arizona’s Maricopa County to attest to President Biden’s election victory and condemn pro-Trump election audit efforts, and Oregon state lawmakers. Thank you for rejecting mob violence following the expulsion of Republicans. Mike Nearman for letting armed protesters into the State Capitol in December.

“Apologies to any stand-up Republicans who got overlooked this time. And here’s hoping that in the months to come, more officials at all levels are fed up with licking Mr. Trump’s anti-democratic, dirt-clogged shoes. Will come,” Cottle added.