Newborn baby is rescued by RNLI after perilous nine hour Channel crossing

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It is heartbreaking moment when a newborn baby is rescued by RNLI after a treacherous journey of nine hours across the channel.

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The girl, named Ayyan, was wrapped in a blanket and handed over to a police officer after reaching Kent with a group of migrants.

A baby girl was rescued after reaching KantoCredits: LNP

The 16-day-old girl is said to be from Iraq.


One of the group – speaking on behalf of the newborn’s mother – said she was prepared to risk her and her baby’s safety to move to England for the “best life”. sky News Report.

The expatriate also claimed to be noticed by French police as they began their journey across the Channel.

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It comes after footage from this week showed migrants crammed into small ships as French security “stands and watches”.

Migratory boat crossings have increased dramatically this year and in recent weeks they have been coming in larger boats.

The higher numbers this week are thanks to the weather in calm October seas.

So far this year, more than 17,000 migrants have reached the UK, more than double last year’s record number of 8,410.

The highest number was recorded on July 19 when it reached 430 in a day as compared to the previous record day on September 22, 2020, when 393 crossed it in 26 boats.

Last month alone, at least 3,510 migrants arrived in the UK after making the dangerous journey from France.

Home Secretary Priti Patel introduced a Limitation Bill in July to deal with the crisis.

The law seems to crack down on illegal entry and people trafficking gangs, making it a criminal offense for migrants attempting to enter the UK without a valid entry clearance.

If passed, it would give more power to border guards patrolling the channel to return migrant boats.


Ms Patel said governments “should be able to consider every single option” when dealing with asylum seekers.

He pledged to crack down on the number of Channel crossings at the Tory convention this week.

The MP said: “Shocking images of people, exploited by people smugglers, ruthless criminals, cruel and greedy people who threatened to drown young children to fill their pockets.

“This cannot continue, which is why we are going after the criminals behind this dangerous business of people smuggling.”

The child was taken by the police after the group arrived in Kento

The child was taken by the police after the group arrived in Kentocredit: Sky News
Another child also RNLI.  saved by

Another child also RNLI. saved byCredits: LNP
Migratory crossings have picked up this year

Migratory crossings have picked up this yearCredits: LNP
The group reached Dungeness in Kento

The group reached Dungeness in KentoCredits: LNP

Migrants ‘beaten ad thrown back into sea’ by Greek coastguard in new ‘pushback’ operation intercepting boat

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