California government Gavin Newsom announced on Tuesday that he planned to “completely reopen” Golden State by June 15.

Reopening completely does not mean that the governor will waive the facade requirement.

Newsom said in a statement that the reopening date of June 15 will depend on whether there is an adequate vaccine supply of 16 for all and who is more willing and if the hospitalization rate is “stable and low”.

On April 15, all California 16 and older will be eligible for the vaccine.

Newsom said in a news release, “Everyday activities will be allowed and risk mitigation measures can be taken for all ordinary people.

Instead of the approach of reopening the previous piece of state, the entire state would open simultaneously.

State Health and Human Services Secretary Mark Gali said that events at stadiums and other large venues would be allowed, although conferences with more than 5,000 groups would still require vaccines or proof of testing.

“With more than 20 million vaccines statewide, it’s time to turn the page on our tier system and reopen completely,” Newsom said. “We can now start planning for the afterlife epidemic. We will need to be vigilant, and we will have to continue the practices coming here – wearing masks and getting vaccinated – but never light at the end of this tunnel Also has not been bright. “

Newsom opponents felt that the announcement was politically motivated. Randy Economy, news recall organizer, wrote on Twitter, “Amazing how 2,175,000 signatures on a recall petition would work.”

Less than 1.5 million verified signatures are required to trigger a recall, with a special election probability of a fall.

“his [Newsom’s] The response to this epidemic is nothing short of devastating and it took millions of Californians to sign a reconsideration petition that would eventually begin reopening our state, “said Kevin Faulkner, Republican Gubernatorial candidate and former Diego Diego, Wrote on Twitter. ” Newsom has shown. He is only motivated by his own political existence, not doing what is best for California. If he truly wanted to help families in this state, he would now reopen all public schools for the person learning. “

School reopening has lagged behind in the rest of the country in California. As of Tuesday, 37% of primary students had the option of returning to class, with 19% of middle school students and 20% of high school students.

State data shows that California is crossing a new threshold to reopen – 4 million doses have been lost in socioeconomically disadvantaged areas. This mark would loosen the daily case rate in the second least restrictive orange tier. Counties currently have fewer than 4.0 new cases per 100,000. Once the threshold is reached, the counties must record less than 6.0.