Next ‘stove’ extension comes with 135 new cards

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    Classic format and a new single player mode were also announced

    Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed the next gas fire Detailed, Forged in barrages.

    As shown in BlizzCon, the new expansion brings with it 135 new cards, and will take place in part of The Barrens, Warcraft The world where the Touren, Trolls, and Orc races come together to form the Horde.

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    The set will also see the introduction of the frenzy keyword, which triggers a one-time effect when a minion damage occurs and survives. Watch the cinematic trailer below.

    Forged in barrages Only update isn’t coming gas fire. The popular online card game will also get a new season with the Year of Gripfone, which will refresh the card pool as a new core set of 235 cards, replacing the current Basic and Classic sets.

    The core set will be available for free to all players, and will feature a mix of cards from the following sets: Classic, Basic, Wild, Ashes of Outland, Demon Hunter Initiative, Hall of Fame, as well as 29 new cards. With the basic set, the core sets will be unlocked by leveling each class.

    A new ‘classic format’ is also coming, which will take the game to its original iteration, with 240 cards balanced, as of the June 2014 release of Full information is available from Blizzard.

    The final announcement comes in the form of a new single player mode called Hearthstone Merchants. It promises to introduce “strategic RPG gameplay” and “Rugualike missions”, which will create new challenges, as players build a fan favorite collection Warcraft Characters.

    Blizzcon also viewed World of Warcraft: Shadowlands As receive an upcoming update announcement ‘Dominance of chains’, Which will see a series of new content added to the MMO.

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