Next week, Megan was the stallion and maroon 5 to team up on the single ‘Beautiful Mistakes’. NME

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    ‘Beautiful Mistakes’ is out March 3

    Megan The Stallion will team up with Maroon 5 to release the collaborative single ‘Beautiful Mistakes’ on 3 March.

    Both artists confirmed the single title and release date today (February 22), sharing its cover art on social media. It will be its first episode in the recording studio.

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    Maroon 5 has hinted about a release in the upcoming February. Recently, he posted a picture of a car on Instagram that was allotted for a joint single.

    The band tweeted a possible song from the track on February 17, with a zoom-in image of what appears to be the same car.

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    Little more is known about the track, with neither artist sharing any audio snippet at the time of writing.

    Megan The Stallion released their first original track of 2021 earlier this month. ‘I’m A King’, featuring Dallas rapper Bobby Sessions, who is set to appear on the soundtrack for the upcoming film 2 coming to America.

    To celebrate his 26th birthday on 15 February, Megan released ‘Southside Forever Freestyle’, a track in which the rapper declares himself “the toughest in Houston”.

    Prior to her aforementioned release, Mean Thélian worked with Donna Kat on the official remix of Ariana Grande’s track ’34 +35 ‘. A trio of artists dropped a music video for the remix earlier this month.

    Meanwhile, ‘Beautiful Mistakes’ will be the first release of Maroon 5 after 2020’s ‘Not’s Love’, which also had Popkan. In January, the band’s frontman, Adam Levine, teamed up with Jason Derulo on the single ‘Lifestyle’.

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