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Nicole Kidman and her “Being the Ricardos” co-star Javier Bardem opened up about what it was like to get to know real-life characters, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz.

The two stars in writer Aaron Sorkin’s upcoming film, which details a particularly eventful week in the lives of a married couple on-screen and off-screen while working on the show “I Love Lucy” from 1951 to 1957. To promote the film’s December 10 release, the two discuss in depth what the two learn about their real-life counterparts as well as capture the unique chemistry between them.


“I mean, that’s all. That’s all,” Kidman asked when CBS Sunday Morning What surprised him about Lucille Ball. “Way [she and Desi] Formed a production company, how were they such a team. I didn’t know how clever she was, how she always said she wasn’t funny. So, I mean, you name it, I didn’t know that!”

Meanwhile, Bardem noted that he was influenced by the “powerful love story” at the heart of one of America’s most beloved sitcoms.

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Between these two people who made this amazing show, and the price you paid for it, they were exposing themselves in some ways,” he explained.

To capture the real-life chemistry the two shared, Bardem noted in an interview with the “Today” show.sunday sitThat, because of the film’s schedule, she and Kidman weren’t able to really get to know each other outside of their characters.

Nicole Kidman recalls studying Lucille Ball for ‘Being the Ricardos’ biopic: ‘It was my passion’

Circa 1955: Portrait of American actor and comedian Lucille Ball (1911–1989) and her husband, Cuban-born actor and bandleader Desi Arnaz (1917–1986), holding heart-shaped cutouts.  (Photo by )

“We didn’t have much time to rehearse or be together or gather together before shooting,” Bardem explained. “We didn’t even have time to meet as Nicole and Javier. We were like Lucy and Desi.”

Kidman previously told people magazine Studying Lucille Ball became his “obsession”, seeing that he internalized everything in his “body and memory”.

Nicole Kidman (left) will play Lucille Ball while Javier Bardem (right) will play Desi Arnaz in the upcoming film Being the Ricardos.

“It was my passion to get it absolutely accurate,” she explained. “He was [writer/director Aaron Sorkin’s] The passion to portray this human being – what’s behind the creation of Lucy Ricardo and who is the woman behind this character?”