Nike made a hands-free shoe and you have to see it to believe it

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    Called Go FlyEase, this is Nike’s first pair of lace-lace sneakers that can be easily put on and unloaded without using your hands. Casual shoe comes at a time when people are touching less things during an epidemic and a revival of comfier counterparts who make the least effort to stop and like Crocs.

    Go FlyEase has unique features, including a tension band that secures the shoe in place of the laces. Putting on them involves just stepping into the shoe so that it snaps into place. They are worked on by lifting the feet on the heel.

    The shoes go on sale on February 15 for $ 120 for customers of the free membership program on Nike’s website. Comprehensive availability is planned for later this year.

    New Nike shoes are coming at a time when home consumers crave for comfort. It is clear Crocus ()CROX)‘Most recent earnings, which led to a 55% jump in revenue. The company said it expects 2020 to be its biggest year of sales.
    Launching new shoes on your website fits even earlier Of nike ()Of) Strategy to sell directly to consumers through third-party retailers. The company reported in December that its online sales rose 84% in its most recent quarter as people used fitness and comfortable shoes.


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