Nikki Haley, former US ambassador to the United Nations, accused the Biden administration of “snatching Israel” and “cohabiting for Iran” on Wednesday, the 46th presidential term in two weeks.

Haley told “Granthshala News Primetime” host Trey Gowedi that Biden’s attitude toward Tehran is “really dangerous” for neighboring countries, indicating his willingness to resume the 2015 nuclear deal. Trump pulled out of the Obama-era agreement in 2018, calling it “flawed at its core”.

Haley said, “I mean you look at the fact that they are coming back to the Iran Accord … that means you are going to remove all the sanctions imposed on Iran.”

The former ambassador attributed the crippling sanctions imposed by Trump to the weakened Tehran and limited his panic-financing campaign in the Middle East.

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“Weakened their economy so much that they had to show the Iranian people on the road against the regime,” she said. “That’s what we wanted.”

Biden, Haley predicted, “Iran is going to jump back into the pact, but is not asking them to leave Syria. You are not going to ask them to stop their nuclear program. You are asking them to stop their missile program.” Are not going to say… [or] Stop financing terrorism, and you’re about to get back into a deal, and it’s literally Obama 2.0. “

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But, Haley warned of a “big issue”, is that Biden’s soft approach would hurt Israel and Arab countries, who supported Trump’s attempt to reduce Tehran’s power and limit its nuclear capabilities. .

“You are really harming our friends, Israel and the Arab countries, who have worked with us on getting back these sanctions on Iran, He worked with us on trying to stop terrorism.

“The Biden administration is trampling our friends like Israel, but they are cohabiting with enemies like Iran.”

Haley questioned Biden’s failure to reach Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu since his inauguration.

“Biden is in office for two weeks now. He He has asked to call the Prime Minister of Israel, one of our allied countries. “I don’t understand logic.”