Nirmala’s batting in Pujara style, Rishabh Pant’s storm did not show on budget

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    Budget 2021: Who hit the most for Corona? Workers and people of employment. Thousands of jobs are lost. Salary reduction. Petrol diesel prices go up and so do pockets. In such a situation, the taxpayer was expected to have something in the box of Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. But this did not happen. Budget 2021 frustrated the salary class.


    • A traditional style budget like the Pooja was presented by the Finance Minister
    • Sitaraman Rishabh Pant is in the offensive and expected to have a big announcement on income tax.
    • The finance minister took into account the revenue loss and the empty bag of government

    You have to wonder what the budget has to do with Cheteshwar Pujara or Rishabh Pant? Not directly but nowadays both are central to the budget in different styles of politics. Indeed, this combination of left and right hands has made policymakers aware of the approach. And Krishnamurthy Subramanian, chief financial adviser before the budget, has done the same. He said the budget shows both Cheteshwar Pujara’s patience and Rishabh Pant’s aggressiveness. But this did not happen. Pant remained on strike. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman expressed confidence in Pooja’s style.

    If there is hope for a big bang budget, she is gone. In fact, when the fiscal deficit reaches 9.5 per cent of GDP, there is no room for Pant’s batting style. But, until the ball swings, it will be played as a pooja and as soon as the seam falls, you will see Rishabh Pant’s batting, ”Subramanian said. But the Minister of Finance thought it best to play carefully.

    No attempt has been made to wipe out the sweat of the taxpayer. The standard deduction limit, the 80C income tax or income tax exemption limit on investments in a national pension scheme is expected to be increased by at least 50 thousand rupees. When the number of income tax filings increases significantly despite the coronavirus. Sitharaman, like Rishabh Pant, offers a huge discount on income tax, which the wage earning class hopes will boost this hand and increase demand in the market. But the loss of income prevents them from doing so.

    The traditional style of worshipers

    The finance minister relies solely on increasing capital expenditure instead of income tax deduction. He expects spending of Rs 35 lakh crore in 2021-22 will create jobs and increase demand. Cess has been imposed on petrol and diesel to increase revenue and many changes have been made in custom tariffs. The meaning is straightforward. Like Cheteshwar Pujara, Sitaraman adopted the traditional method. Fortunately, senior citizens over the age of 75 do not need to file tax returns now.

    Demonstrating patience and restraint, Nirmala Sitharaman has focused on the farm barn rather than some service sector and salaried class. Farmers ’attention was focused on boosting the rural economy. The budget amount was increased for rail-road expansion under infrastructure. With the exception of the health sector, the Modi government has shifted away from announcing any new plans so that there will be no additional costs.


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