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The New Jersey Democratic State Committee (NZDSC) on Monday issued a scathing ad to support legislation to ban abusing Republican gubernatorial candidate Jack Ciatarelli once he served on Raritan Borough Council. had served.

The ordinance, which was passed by Raritan 5-0 in 1994, Forbidden “Indecent or indecent behavior” and includes both profanity and “derogatory remarks”.


The NJDSC ad highlights many people who react to the idea of ​​a swearing ban with abusive phrases, such as, “You’re sh***ng me,” “No f**king way, “This is f**king New Jersey,” and “We can’t let this win the a**hole.”

Some abuses can be heard with minimal effort to get them out.

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Murphy retweeted the ad, writing, “What a knucklehead.”

“Republican gubernatorial candidate Assemblyman Jack Ciatarelli is out of step with New Jersey — from his support of the Trump agenda to his attacks on LGBTQ inclusion in opposition to public health measures and much more. But there is an issue where Ciatarelli’s position could be as well. further out of the mainstream: his opposition to a favorite Garden State tradition, cursing,” the Murphy campaign continued, according to Insider NJ.

“Serving on the Raritan Borough Council in the 1990s, Ciatarelli voted for and championed the banning of curses in the community—that’s right, banning curses. In New Jersey. What the f*ck Ciatarelli was thinking?

The Ciattarelli campaign did not respond to a request for comment at the time for publication.