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The Supreme Court of New Jersey public reprimand A judicial conduct panel concluded after a former municipal court judge concluded that she made a suggestive remark to a female defendant.


Judge Hector Rodriguez was serving in Franklin Township, Somerset County, in December 2017 when he made the remarks.

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According to a state panel on judicial conduct that recommended sanctioning Rodriguez, the judge told the defendant that she would be released on her identity, but she appeared confused and asked her if she needed to do anything else. Is.

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“It’s not like you can do it in front of all these people,” Rodriguez said, according to the panel, which reviewed an audio recording of the exchange and interviewed court personnel who were present.

NS committee to recommend public reprimand said that it found that Judge Rodriguez made “inappropriate remarks to a defendant who exhibited indecent and indecent behavior that detracts from the dignity of the court.”

In response to the panel’s recommendation, Rodriguez argued that the remarks were not sexual in nature and instead meant that the woman was not required to post bail in order to be released, a contention that was dismissed by the Supreme Court.

The court last year wrote, “Whether the defendant intended his words to be a sexually suggestive remark, an attempt at humor or anything else, the defendant knew or should have known that his choice of words was inappropriate. “

reprimand was included count made public on Tuesday by the court.

A message was left Tuesday with a lawyer representing Rodriguez.